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There is a load of things I would love to do in life, unfortunately I do not have the funds to do so. So unless i marry a multi-billionaire at a ridiculously young age. My dreams will remain unfulfilled. But in the unlikely chance I hit the lottery and win 30 million dollars, I will continue to live my life as a broke fangirl wishes to only enjoy the simplicities that life throws at her.

Immabeabrownie follows:
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  • I wanna go skydiving
  • Learn Parkour
  • Blow up a building
  • Survive a zombie apocolypse
  • Visit all the amusement parks in the world
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  • Rendezvous at gurney and on the way gather as much as possible
  • Make sure Elissa, Megan, Amber, Kah Yong, Constance[if she's around] and Megan plus family aren't zombies
  • Kill anyone that shows effect with no hesitation
  • Barricade oneself on the basement floor
  • When supplied run out we fight our way to Cai's
  • Then we grow our own produce and raise chickens
  • We then try to build a boat from the trees from our surroundings
  • We survive
  • Kill any and everyone that gets in my/our way
  • Shoot anything that drools
  • Find a Unicorn
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