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when im home alone i just turn on all idols songs and sing along ☆

iriel follows:
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  • Call me Iriel or Iri ! Nowhere close to real name tho-
  • I'm a girl!
  • 17+2 yo (november 19th)
  • | ♏ | INTP | Chaotic Neutral |
  • I'm either Ravenclaw or Slytherin// (usually assume Ravenclaw bcs blue is cuter)
  • I live on Antarctica or maybe somewhere in Europe idk
  • ocs enthusiast
  • tragic soy sauce addict help
  • I want to be a pirate , but I think i live too far from the sea,
  • My spirit animal is a penguin
  • i treat every of my mutuals whom i talked to at least once (even if it was just a greeting) as friends!!
  • if u r mean to my friends im gonna beat you up ~~
  • IMPORTANT: i draw 90% ocs and 10% fanart, so please dont be upset about it if you want to follow me!! ^^
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nov 19 2017 +

OCS please talk about ocs with me youre always welcome ill love you

IDOLS (not playing any mobage though o/):

  • Love Live! (nicorinPANA, KANAMARI, YOHAMARU)
  • Ensemble Stars (Mika, Eichi, Tsukasa, Kanata, Tomoya)


  • Touhou (fav is PCB!)
  • DR/SDR2 (Hiyoko, Mioda, Tanaka, Nanami)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend (YUUYAAAAA)
  • Ace Attorney (Simon, Apollo, Godot, Ema)
  • Pokemon (im gen IV trash)
  • MM (of course lololol trash who else)
  • Persona 4/5 (Naoto, Yusuke, Futaba)


  • Pokemon Special
  • Kekkai Sensen
  • Gosick
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jul 31 2017 +
  • pretty obvious but i love drawing
  • i kinda rarely tweet in my native- but if you know what my native is, feel free to hmu in it! ALSO NO IM NOT FRENCH,
  • so obviously english is not my native, but since im learning it for like 13 years i think my skills are okay,
  • 日本語まだ勉強しています~~!頑張ります!!
  • i swear a lot ^Q^
  • im sarcastic and literally never serious, sorry (welllll....)
  • i dont mind whatever race nationality or whatever you are, if youre a fucking idiot ill treat you like one, i care about personality only, unfortunately
  • my whole life is just my ocs and my friends, there's nothing interesting, really
  • i love travelling!!! i want to travel everywhere!! (dont ask me about Russia unless you want to hear x hours of essays abou...
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From the most to least active~


  • discord: iriel#6268
  • line: irielnee
  • priv (for mutuals only!!)

tell me if you add me!! >u<

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