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when im home alone i just turn on all idols songs and sing along ☆

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  • Call me Iriel or Iri ! Nowhere close to real name tho-
  • I'm a girl!
  • 17+2 yo (november 19th)
  • | ♏ | INTP | Chaotic Neutral |
  • Ravenclaw
  • I live on Antarctica or somewhere in Europe
  • ocs enthusiast
  • tragic soy sauce addict help
  • domestic pirate
  • i treat every of my mutuals whom i talked to at least once (even if it was just a greeting) as friends!!
  • if u r mean to my friends im gonna beat you up ~~
  • IMPORTANT: i draw 90% ocs and 10% fanart, so please dont be upset about it if you want to follow me!! ^^
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dec 19 2017 +

Tbh I'm not really invested in any fandom!! But I often retweet stuff from: Love Live!, Enstars!, Touhous, DR in general, Pokemon, Persona, AA, some animus and mangos (my fave is Mawaru Penguindrum!), Uminekos (read the novel guys c:) and cute animoo art in general

im just a weeb


also, OCS please talk about ocs with me youre always welcome ill love you

if youre here bcs my ocs r cute then i have bad news for you ;)

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dec 19 2017 +
  • Commissions/ATs/collabs: ask me
  • Requests: only for friends!

I'm still experimenting with prices for commissions, so please forgive me for not having them listed down anywhere!

Art trades are mostly with friends and people on similar skill level! Same with collabs/cbs!

As for requests, lol, nah. I have a life too!

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From the most to least active~

tumblrs r dead sorry : (


  • discord: iriel#6268
  • line: irielnee
  • you can ask for priv if were mutuals ^^

tell me if you add me, i wont add people i dont know/who havent asked!

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mar 6 2018 +
  • i love drawing and i draw everyday but i rarely post my stuff hehe...///
  • i kinda rarely tweet in my native- but if you know what my native is, feel free to hmu in it! ALSO NO IM NOT FRENCH,
  • so obviously english is not my native, but since im learning it for like 14 years i think my skills are okay,
  • 日本語をまだ勉強していますが、頑張ります!
  • personal quote #1 "people die everyday, it seems that today is my turn"
  • personal quote #2 "can i add soy sauce to this dish?"
  • i swear a lot ^Q^
  • im sarcastic and literally never serious, sorry (welllll....)
  • i like making new friends!! o/ hmu anytime!
  • my whole life is just my ocs and my friends lol
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