reunite (pg, family/humour) - 1st gen dragon slayers + grandine

broken vicinity (g, humour) - team natsu

early bird gets the worm (pg-13, humour/family) - ice family

sin and sacrifice (pg-13, angst) - ice family

→ Jellal/Erza

Just For Tonight (m, angst/romance)

the world ends with you (pg-13, romance/angst/drama)

sep 20 2014 ∞
nov 5 2014 +

Meet the Parents (pg-13, humour/romance, modern AU)

Alarm (romance/humour, firefighter AU)

Oblivious (pg-13, crack)

Seasons (pg-13, romance/humour)

nobody wins at war (pg-13, humour)

these everyday occurrences (pg, humour/romance)

dustland fairytale (pg, romance/adventure)

sep 20 2014 ∞
nov 10 2014 +

conviction (pg-13, romance)

The Trouble with Symmetry (pg-13, humour/romance)

The Tenth Hour (pg-13, romance, au)

Hard Liqour (m, romance/drama, prohibition!au)

Denial (g, romance/humour)

Adamantine (m, romance/angst)

Coming Off the Page (pg-13, romance/humour)

sep 20 2014 ∞
oct 5 2014 +

The House That Fear Built (m, angst/horror)

seven little killers (pg-13, drama) - exwires

man, i love college (pg-13, romance, college!au) - full cast

Ignorance is Bliss (g, humour) - twins

Why Rin shouldn't Summon (pg, humour/drama) - rin

Angel in Disguise (pg, mystery/special) - yukio, shura

oct 1 2014 ∞
oct 5 2014 +

→ xiuhani

the act of rolling milk (xiumin/hani, pg-13, romance)

→ kaisoo

keyboard smash my love (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/borderline crack/humour)

Stay the Night (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

insert an epigram for awkwardness here (kaisoo, pg-13, humour/romance/crack)

how about a cup of coffee and a side of you? (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

aug 9 2013 ∞
apr 12 2017 +

Dear Hot Waiter (au, pg, humour/romance)

kisses gone horribly wrong! (pg, romance/humour)

the lovey dovey guild! (pg, romance/humour)

Returning The Favor (pg-13, romance/humour)

Troublesome Wife (pg-13, au, romance/humour)

Screw Single Beds (pg-13, romance/humour)

sep 2 2014 ∞
oct 5 2014 +

Curiosity (ot5, pg-13, mystery)

23 Seconds (ot5, pg-13, tragedy)

At Day's End (ot5, pg-13, bandfic)

Basic Bitches Wear That Shit, So I Don't Even Bother (jongtae, pg-13, romance/humour, fashion!verse)

aquamarine (ot5, pg, bandfic)

my little monster (jongyu, pg)

Ash Dawn (jongyu, r, post-apocalypse!AU)

sep 23 2013 ∞
sep 23 2013 +

→ luna

pick me up (chenluna, pg-13, romance)

on and off (chenluna, pg-13, fluff/romance)

under my skin (baekluna, pg, fluff/romance)

living in monochrome (d.o-centric, d.oluna, nc-17, romance/slight angst)

serendipity (d.oluna, g, romance)

from head to toe (you captive me) (seluna, pg, romance)

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apr 14 2017 +