The House That Fear Built (m, angst/horror)

seven little killers (pg-13, drama) - exwires

man, i love college (pg-13, romance, college!au) - full cast

Ignorance is Bliss (g, humour) - twins

Why Rin shouldn't Summon (pg, humour/drama) - rin

Angel in Disguise (pg, mystery/special) - yukio, shura

Shenanigans (pg-13, humour/friendship) - mephisto, exwires, yukio

Double Edge (pg-13, humour/drama)

Fairy Fantasy (pg, humour) - rin

and that's just romance (pg-13, horror/parody) - amaimon

→ Rin/Shiemi

baby your hand in mine (pg-13, romance)

kill the messenger (g, romance)

→ Renzou/Izumo

we're lucky no one called the cops (pg, humour/romance)

your hand in mine (g, angst)

→ Bon/Paku miss everything (pg, romance/angst)

→ Yukio/Shura

would you ever dance with me like that (pg-13, angst/romance)

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