conviction (pg-13, romance)

The Trouble with Symmetry (pg-13, humour/romance)

The Tenth Hour (pg-13, romance, au)

Hard Liqour (m, romance/drama, prohibition!au)

Denial (g, romance/humour)

Adamantine (m, romance/angst)

Coming Off the Page (pg-13, romance/humour)

The Best Ship is Partnership? (pg-13, romance/humour)

Smokin' Hot (pg-13, romance/humour, firefighter!au)

Run the Circuits (pg-13, romance/humour, gym!au)

New Wounds (m, romance/hurt/comfort)

Nesting Habits (pg, romance/humour)

Iron Roses (pg-13, hurt/comfort/romance)

Oil and Water (m, romance)

Yield (pg-13, romance)

The Alley (pg-13, romance/humour, circus!au)

Secret Santa (pg-13, romance/humour)

Rehearsal (pg-13, humour/romance)

Fable (pg, romance)

Out to the Ball Game (pg, romance/humour)

Resolve (pg, romance/family)

Avow (g, romance/humour)

Howl (pg-13, romance/humour, supernatural/demon!au)

Atheneum (pg, romance/humour)

A Matter of Accuracy (pg, romance)

Breathless (pg-13, romance)

Captive Dragon, Iron Princess (pg-13, romance/adventure)

Childish Behaviours (pg, humour/slight romance)

Promise (pg-13, romance/angst)

Reign (pg-13, romance)

Purple (m, angst/crime/slight romance, au)

And Comfy-Cozy Are We (m, humour/slight romance)

Time and Time Again (pg-13, romance/angst/tragedy, multiple aus)

Sweepstakes (pg, humour/romance)

Wait (pg-13, angst/romance)

It's Always the Quiet Ones (pg-13, romance/humour)

Guilt and Guilds (pg-13, adventure/romance)

Years of Evelyn (pg-13, family/humour)

A Most Powerful Magic - Levy & Gajeel (pg-13, romance/humour)

Ironbound Paperbacks (pg-13, romance, collection)

War on Literature (pg-13, humour/romance)

Her Bookmark (pg-13, romance)

His Bookmark (pg-13, romance/humour/fluff)

Knight in Shining Armour (pg, romance/humour)

Plus Kitty Makes Three (pg-13, romance/humour)

After the Chariot (pg, romance/humour)

How to Make a Dragon Jealous (m, romance)

Envy is Not Your Thing Levy (pg-13, humour/romance)

Pirate Booty (pg-13, humour/romance)

Tide (pg-13, romance)

Across Lives (pg, romance/angst, demon!gajeel au)

Scoreboard (pg-13, romance)

to talk literature (g, romance/humour)

High Fantasy (g, humour/romance)

Better Together (pg, romance/tragedy)

Hummingbird in a Bear Trap (pg-13, romance/humour)

Nemasu (pg-13, romance)

Secret (pg, romance/humour)

college romance (pg-13, romance)

Iron and Ink (pg-13, romance, collection)

10 Kisses (pg-13, romance, drabble collection)

Before Me, A New Horizon (pg-13, romance/humour)

thrown for a loop (pg-13, hurt/comfort/family)

Levy the NonPacifist (pg-13, humour/romance)

Surpriz─â de metal (pg-13, romance/humour)

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