reunite (pg, family/humour) - 1st gen dragon slayers + grandine

broken vicinity (g, humour) - team natsu

early bird gets the worm (pg-13, humour/family) - ice family

sin and sacrifice (pg-13, angst) - ice family

→ Jellal/Erza

Just For Tonight (m, angst/romance)

the world ends with you (pg-13, romance/angst/drama)

nostradamus (pg-13, drama/slight romance, au)

A Whole New Beginning (pg-13, romance)

black roses in her hair (pg, drama)

The Odds (g, romance/humour)

Walkie Talkie (pg-13, romance/humour, au)

Noteworthy (m, romance)

→ Romeo/Wendy

Searing, Soaring (pg, romance/humour)

Worth It (g, romance/hurt/comfort)

Stolen Smiles (pg, romance)

The Not-A-Date Date (pg, romance/humour)

Too Far Right (pg, romance, army au)

Hard to Tell (pg, romance)

Fire and Wind (g, humour/romance, collection)

The Color of Your Eyes (pg, humour/romance)

Romeo, Take Me Somewhere (pg-13, romance/friendship)

Chaperoning (pg, romance/friendship)

→ Loke/Lucy

till the end (pg-13, romance/angst)

and a ring around my neck (pg-13, humour/romance)

early and love birds (pg-13, humour/romance)

the tropic of cancer (pg-13, humour)

in the sky with diamonds (pg-13, humour/romance)

Wrong Number (pg, romance/humour)

Tawdry Things (m, romance/humour)

→ Laxus/Mirajane

Progression (pg-13, romance)

Hearts of Nowhere (m, romance)

A Demon's Dinner Date (pg-13, romance)

death valley (pg-13, romance)

flourescent (pg-13, romance)

→ Cobra/Kinana

Destined (pg-13, romance/drama)

Surf's Up! (pg-13, romance/humour)

→ Freed/Mirajane

Temperate Ardor (pg-13, hurt/comfort/romance)

Cover Girl (m, romance)

→ Elfman/Evergreen

Little White Lie (pg-13, romance)

It's a Guy Problem (pg-13, romance/humour)

More Than A Joke (pg-13, romance)

A Fairy's Frustration (pg-13, humour/romance)

Baby's First Word (g, humour/family)

Everman (pg-13, romance/humour)

→ Gray/Juvia

free falling (pg, humour/romance)

Mine (g, humour/romance)

your voice of treason (g, romance)

the naked sunday redux (pg-13, humour/romance)

long live the dead (pg-13, adventure)

adventures in porn and other vile things of a vaguely sexual nature (pg-13, humour/romance)

Swept Into the Eye (pg-13, hurt/comfort/romance)

→ Bixlow/Lisanna

Hobby Getting (pg-13, humour/romance)

Blockage (m, romance/humour)

Dying in the Toxic Life (pg, drama/hurt/comfort)

Clean Up Nice (pg, humour/romance)

When It Counts (pg, romance/friendship_

Perfect Sense (pg, romance/humour)

Beautiful Soul (pg-13, romance/humour, collection)

These Walls (pg-13, romance/drama, office!au)

Sol (g, romance)

Quiet April Fool's Days (g, romance)

Lepidopterophobia (pg, humour)

The Ladies' Man (pg-13, humour/romance)

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