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howdy round these parts they call me ASSHOLE MCSHITHEAD (my name is elio but u can call me gold or eli)

im 17 n a junior in hs

i waste most of my time playing video games and not doing my schoolwork

im very very very very very shy but pls dont be scared to talk to me !

thanks 4 reading

nov 11 2017 ∞
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fun facts yea

  • i love sour things and sweets... the more sour the better!
  • my favorite colors are blue and red
  • i love animals a lot, i cant really think of a kind i dislike... im planning on working at an animal shelter soon!
  • im bad at math. i hate it.
  • i live in southern new jersey currently

thats all i can think of so bye bye

nov 11 2017 ∞
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