i tweet a lot about pkmn!!! its my favorite thing ever i love it.. here r some other things i love (bolded r hyperfixations!)

  • megaman
  • touhou
  • the mother series
  • tezuka's stuff
    • im familiar w a lot of his stuff but my top faves r black jack, metropolis, and bukkira!!! yeah
  • some anime

i am very cringey

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HELLO WELCOME my name is elio! u can also call me gold or charlie if u wanna

  • 16
  • nd
  • not cishet (they/them)

i like to have fun

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more abt me yeehaw

  • im an infp!! yeah
  • i kno english and (standard) french!
  • i listen to a lot of future bass/funk and video game osts...
  • my favorite character in the whole entire world is trainer touya!!!!!!!! i love him... very very much
  • i am from southern jersey. hey. listen to this you northern bastards: hoagie
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  • i love making friends and talking to people so please dont hesitate to message me!!!!!
    • i am rather shy tho but if we r mutuals i would lay down my life for you already
    • i also have speech issues so im sorry if i come off as weird..
  • you can use my art for icons n such if you wanna! i dont mind as long as u dont claim it as ur own
  • i might tweet a lot
  • i am so sorry
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