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the background of this is from me eyedropping the color of jungkook’s honey skin in photoshop

jungkooks blue follows:


  • basic byf criteria - don’t be racist, homophobic, transphobic, panphobic, biphobic, anything that disqualifies you as being decent
  • please do not be under the age of 16! as an adult, I would prefer not to follow people who are younger. I will (very rarely, but maybe?) tweet nsfw sometimes so :~) better for us both
  • I don’t need anything trigger warned, if you do, let me know! I tag the most basic things I know, but if you want something in particular tagged, just lmk!
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things about me

— in college

    • I major in language and literature, minor in business

— my favorite color is a very specific pink

    • also love orange and blue

— I love nintendo

    • my favorite pokemon games are generation three’s hoenn games (sapphire, ruby, emerald) and my favorite pokemon is ninetales
    • my favorite zelda games are wind waker, majora’s mask, skyward sword, and breath of the wild. my favorite songs from the series are the song of storms and gerudo valley (oot originals)
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music I love

— bts ♡ (one or two per album or I’d pick them all)

    • 2 cool 4 skool - 좋아요
    • o!rul8,2? - outro: luv in skool
    • skool luv affair - just one day, miss right
    • dark&wild - 24/7=heaven, rain
    • hyyh pt 1 - moving on
    • hyyh pt 2 - whalien 52
    • young forever - save me
    • wings - blood sweat & tears (I don’t wanna pick solo songs but !! begin. okay)
    • you never walk alone - spring day
    • love yourself: her - pied piper
    • love yourself: tear - magic shop, anpanman
    • their entire discography.. I know.
    • only then jungkook’s cover ahhh
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my everything ♡

  • jeon jungkook

my heart and soul. if my heart had a human form it would take shape into him. I truly love him forever.

important days with him ♡

— august 9th, 2015 (the day I was lucky enough to find him)

— july 31st, 2016 (the first time I saw him in person at kcon la)

— april 1st, 2017 (wings tour anaheim day one)

— april 2nd, 2017 (wings tour anaheim day two)

— april 18th, 2018 (4th fanmeeting in tokyo)

— september 5th, 2018 (love yourself tour in los angeles)

— more to come and every day in between. every day with him is important to me

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about me

— blue, usa, she/her, infp, february 21st


— writing, painting, make up, listening to music, playing piano, loving jungkook

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curious cat

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