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listen 2 out of body by gorillaz

casey follows:
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  • nyello it's casey/cas
  • 14 (july 5)
  • infp
  • cancer
  • cis female (she/her)
  • neutral good
  • knight of breath
  • biromantic i think, might be cupioflux along with that, idk sexuality
  • keyneki on tumblr!
  • kawoshiin on twitter!

other stuff

  • if i lock my account, reqs are always ok!!
  • i'm scared of talking to my mutuals in case they're annoyed by me, but i guarantee that i love talking to my mutuals!!
  • im going to anime mid atlantic in june and im gonna be cosplaying as you watanabe and chiaki nanami!! hmu if ur going too
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  • normal criteria (homophobic, transphobic etc etc)
  • you're mean to people for no reason
  • you regularly hate on any of my all time faves or the bolded characters (listed below)
  • youll unfollow as soon as i get negative (i don't have a private account and im not good at internalizing negative feelings)

i dont have too much here tbh!! i'm fine with most people, just be nice!

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talk 2 me abt the bolded ones i will cry

  • danganronpa
  • love live
  • gorillaz
  • boku no hero academia (currently catching up w the manga)
  • bungou stray dogs
  • the world ends with you
  • fire emblem (fates and heroes)
  • super paper mario
feb 27 2017 ∞
may 26 2017 +
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my favorite characters!!! bolded: current top faves

all-time faves

  • nagito komaeda (sdr2) (my moon and stars, the sun in my sky, the light of my life, my everything, i love him so so so so very much)
  • oikawa tooru (hq)
  • kaneki ken/sasaki haise (tg)
  • asuka langley soryu (nge)
  • shinji ikari (nge)
  • maki nishikino (llsif/p)
  • you watanabe (lls)

other faves

  • mikan tsumiki (sdr2)
  • makishima yuusuke (yowapedal)
  • joshua kiryu (twewy)
  • nearly all the bnha kids (top faves are todoroki, asui, kirishima, tokoyami)
  • 2d & noodle (gorillaz)
feb 8 2017 ∞
may 26 2017 +
  • thank you for reading!
  • ongoing is optional to read but u can if u want!! (might wanna check it if ur kin)
  • i love nagito komaeda so much
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