• name: 中本悠太
  • romanized name: nakamoto, yuta
  • birthday: 26/10/1995
  • zodiac: scorpio
  • place of birth: osaka, japan
  • height: 176cm / 5'9"
  • blood type: a
  • element: air
  • occupation: barista and bookshop sales assistant.
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  • osaka , japan
    • yuta was born in the outskirts of osaka to diplomats who quickly left him to be raised by his grandmother, a powerful and well-known airbender amongst her kind. in the privacy of the outer city, she taught yuta the basis of bending, which he quickly picked up as second nature. this continued until his grandmother eventually passed away, forcing him to join his parents in travelling around japan, attending international schools and slowly forgetting all that he had learnt about airbending due to his parents distaste in the practice of it.
  • san jose , united states of america
    • one of the first places yuta moved to outside of japan was california. although he only spent a brief year there, he met h..._jung yoonoh_ , who he tended to tease more than his ot...
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  • more than friendly
    • its pretty straight forward what their relationship is since yuta doesn’t tend to take his anger out on people, which means he’s calling them up at 2am every now and again to take out his frustrations in a way that's not particularly safe for work. he’s one for the aftercare which which scare them off but yuta doesn't particularly care when he whines for them to stay.
  • chemistry
    • they’re friends but people around them can't figure out they why aren’t dating yet. yuta knows he wants them but he doesn’t know how to cross that line yet.
  • plantonic
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