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I'm Kyou♀ and I hate myself sometimes.

  • Brazilian
  • ENG and PT-BR
  • 21yo
  • My birthday is on 25/12
  • Weeaboo
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  • 2D - It's basically what I live for. I like anime, manga, visual novels, etc, I watch/read/play all kind of stuff.
  • Free! - I witnessed the rise and fall of the swimming anime. Went to Japan just to attend the High Speed Special Event so I can pretty much say it's my favorite anime franchise (I know it's shit but whatever). My favorites are Makoto, Nitori and Ikuya.
  • Danganronpa - Watched the first anime back in 2013 then completely forgot about it until 2017 when I played all the games (except for Despair Girls which is currently on-hold since it's kind of boring comparing to the other games). I also don't think DR3 is as bad as the other fans thinks, lmao. My favorite game is NDRV3 and my favorite characters are Byakuya Togami, Sonia Nevermind, Juzo Sakakura and Kiibo.
  • Sagiri Izumi - I'm reading the Eromanga-sensei light ...
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  • Other interests include IDOLM@STER (all of it, specially SideM), Granblue Fantasy, Fate/GO, Love Live, Osomatsu-san, KyoAni series in general, MT Kirara series in general, seasonal anime and random original art.
  • I used to be a massive My Little Pony fan. I've watched until the 6th season then I refused to keep going because it was already beyond shitty, but the ponies played an important role in my internet life when I was a teen so I'll always remember dearly the time I was into it.
  • Other favorite anime: Evangelion (favorites are Shinji and Rei. Asuka a shit), Yuru Yuri (Akarin) and Oreimo (Kyosuke and Kuroneko).
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  • All my accounts can be found here.
  • I have this alternative Twitter account which I basically use to retweet fanarts and talk about off-season anime.

Mobage friend codes:

  • Granblue Fantasy 17750723
  • Kirara Fantasia NCC2UUYN4Q
  • Princess Connect:ReDive 377342993
  • Fate/GO 510645828

These are the games I play the most. I usually play them for 2 consecutive weeks then I need to take a 3-week break otherwise I get bored. So it might take a while for me to accept you as a friend if you add me.

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