• Antología de la literatura fantástica - Borges, Bioy Casares, Ocampo
  • Choque de Reyes - George RR Martin
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Fandom:Ant-Man (2015) Luis (Ant-Man movie) Oh, author, I did NOT expect to like Ant-Man. I was only in it for the post-credits scene. And then, I was completely delighted by Luis! So I want all the Luis. Tell me about his rich inner life, about how he likes a nice rose and what he pairs it with. Tell me about his love for neo-Cubism and how much time he spends at museums with his cousin Ignacio. Tell me about how he thinks Scott Lang is kind of a dumbass, but he's one of Luis's people now, so he's going to help him out. Tell me about how he figures out life after prison and where he goes from here. He's not just Ant-Man's sidekick, and I want to know everything. *chin-hands* Dear Yuletide Author Letter http://afrikate.dreamwidth.org/40456.htm...

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  • Hermione + Dipper
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