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hello! welcome to my about
♡ i go by annie or vinnie!
♡ she/they | lesbian
♡ aries / march 25 / enfp / vietnamese

annie follows:
  • twitter: lemonlimeades
  • im mostly on twitter, more than any social media atm
  • tw: suicidal thoughts, self deprecation, pda?
  • i post. a lot. Please feel free to mute at anytime
  • mostly about whats happening, my thoughts, cryptic tweets, and i post my art once in a while
  • i go on random spurts when tweeting, might be a thread, might not be, but i try to keep it organized when i have more than one thought
  • i tweet a lot about me and my friends and abt how much i love my girlfriend and etc
  • although i try to keep the content positive and funny, sometimes i get a litte off and might most things in the tw, but its...
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( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) im a 7teen viet girl in oregon!

╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ i love comedy, food (esp. sweet foods), art, traveling, anime, games, and my friends!!!! i would honestly die for all of them they mean the world to me

♡i love frogs and bees a lot!!

(*´-`) not really intrested with racism, ableism, ‘triggered’ jokes, just plain offensive people in general. i absolutely hate butterflies

♡please check ongoing for more info♡

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  • insta:

-art : anniemeii -school: vietnamemed

  • i post extremely rarely
  • mostly uses for looking through the explore feed and to keep contact with friends.
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