you will not like me or my art if you are easily triggered! also minors are clearly not allowed & will be blocked instantly! anything i draw is kept safely in the realm of fiction & fantasy! please do not share or repost my artwork without my consent!

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    • problematic stuff
      • underage, incest, & abusive shipping.
      • abuse, death, trauma, angst, etc. heavy stuff.
    • horror
      • if you don't like scary stuff don't follow! or just mute the ppl i rt from a lot!
    • various animes, cartoons, & video games!
      • any "current" or "focused" fandoms will b...
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i MUST get this point across-- i do NOT condone any of the things i draw or like in fantasy in real life, in ANY way possible! i also do not share my harsh/triggering stuff publicly! i keep all that stuff hidden and only for private audiences that want to view it & are over 18 ! please do not get on my case, i do not go attacking you for what you find attractive, or arousing, or even interesting! i only ask the same of anyone frowning upon me. i would never do anything to upset you purposefully, especially if i don't know you. i will be as understanding as possible to any hate that comes my way, but if you persist, i will be obligated to abandon my politeness. please just ignore me & my friends if we bother you! i am very good, like i said, abt keeping my triggering work hidden! block me if what i draw bothers you in any way, do what you feel is right to keep yourself safe! keep in mind, however, the internet was never a safe space to begin with & i have every right to share my content publicly, but i..._choose_ not too.

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21 y/o trans male w an interest in animation & psychedelic imagery. i really like anime, cartoons, comics, & video games! i hold a fascination for gore & horror. i enjoy nature, fitness, & traveling long distances! i am more than likely considered problematic & gross by children & tweens on the internet. i can't deny these claims, but i do consider myself a loyal loving friend among the people close to me.

i usually keep to myself as i enjoy my space, but i do tend to click with certain people easier than others. and i wish this wasn't the case bc i don't want anyone to feel isolated or left-out, but this has been the truth since i was young. i absolutely love people who are nonjudgmental & respectful, also not easily offended & pretty laid back/friendly. i have trust issues for personal reasons, but if i open up to you, it means i can trust you & therefore, i consider you pretty close to me & one of my good friends...

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