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Hey, I'm May, and I like dank edgy memes and anime because I have no life.

May follows:
  • Mai May
  • She/Her
  • 17 | 02/May | Taurus/Snake
  • Prochoice | Agnostic
  • British Welsh
  • Studying Animal Care L2 | GCSEs in Latin, Environmental Science, English Lit, and C & A Sciences.
  • Dog & Cat owner.
  • Neutral Evil INTP-J | prolly a sociopath too?
  • God-awful writer, artistic novice, unfathomable waste of creativity.
  • "In a perpetual state of melancholy" Depressed & full of social anxiety pretty much 24/7. So good at not caring it's unreal.
  • Being overly friendly and excessively egotistical to smother the fact that I'm dying inside literally every waking moment of my life (yayyy)
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  • Greens, Purples, Greys, and Reds.
  • Cold weather, Rain, & anything Autumn.
  • Nature & Growing things
  • Animals
  • Astronomy -- Moon & Stars aesthetic
  • Devil aesthetic.
  • Fantasy worlds
  • Mythical creatures like griffins and dragons.
  • Sheep. Black & brown sheep. All sheep. I love sheep.
  • (Barack loves you back).
  • Tea: Earl Grey.
  • Literature & Art.
  • Anyone who shortens mathematics to maths, or really anyone who does English the English way.
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  • Pretty much everything about the world right now.
  • Loud, ignorant people who refuse to grasp basic concepts.
  • Ants. Ants give me anxiety.
  • Plastics, chemicals, and unnecessary waste.
  • Chickens & Guinea Pigs.
  • Donald Trump, racism, pro-life, & basically anyone forcefully pushing their religion or agenda on people.
  • People who try to make their pets vegatarian/vegan. Especially cats. Cats are obligatory carnivores!
  • Most things. I have a lot of hate inside me.
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  • Work in wildlife conservation or ecological preservation.
  • Continue studying how environmental factors affect a biosphere or specific animals.
  • Study canine behaviour.
  • Overall educate people about human impact on the surrounding environment and what we can do to reduce damage.
  • Help the planet?
  • Become a cat.
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  • TV: Steven Universe; Adventure Time; Over the Garden Wall; Star vs The Forces of Evil; Infinity Train; Russell Howard; NCIS; Criminal Minds; Dexter; Warehouse 13; The Durrells; Literally any David Attenborough documentary ever; Call the Midwife; Family Guy; American Dad; Rick & Morty; Archer; Black Mirror; Orphan Black; End of the F**ing World; ZOO; Stranger Things; RuPaul's Drag Race; The Alienist; SanClarita Diet; ...


  • Online shows: Nomad of Nowhere; Camp Camp; RWBY; Bee and Puppycat; Bravest Warriors; GameTheory & FilmTheory; Therapy Dog; NotEvenEmily vines; Marlon Webb vines; ...
  • Youtubers: Cryaotic; Kwite; Cinemasins; MatPat; SootHouse; SorrowTV; The Anime Man; JelloApocolypse; NightcoreReality; xKit...
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