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The ocean waves drift over me. I'll keep you in my memory. This dream that lives within your eyes; I wish to see it come to life.

blue follows:


  • Yu/Fox/Ven
  • Please do not use my IRL name
  • 22
  • Brooklyn, NYC
  • Mixed; Puerto Rican and black
  • Im gay and trans (he/him pronouns)
  • In a relationship with Jack! (Open)
  • I have a shit ton of kins PLEASE ask about them i love talking about my past lives!!
  • I'm okay with doubles

-----> Talk to me about any of the mentioned below and i will be your best friend:

  • Baking
  • Persona 4
  • The Midnight Channel Musical
  • Kingdom Hearts (!!!)
  • Chills (youtuber)
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Every character listed is literally me but that doesn't mean I'm not okay with doubles! Talk to me about anyone of my memories!

  • Sora (KH)
  • Ventus (KH:BBS)
  • Dante (Original DMC)
  • Arioch (Drakengard)
  • Nathan Prescott (LIS)
  • Yu Narukami (P4)
  • Yusuke Kitagawa (P5)
  • Azura (FEF)
  • Nick Amaro (LAO:SVU)
  • Kiryu K. (YGO!5D)
  • Atem (YGO!DM)

Talk to me about past lives with me im always. YELL.

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For Ven:

  • You fall into the typical criteria
  • Youre against kins
  • dont believe in systems
  • you know anyone named roy (ren/hana) or alida
  • Are uncomfortable with ~controversial~ opinions like cishet ace ppl arent LGBT and all pedophiles deserve to die in the deepest parts of hell and that im a dirty anti and will be proud of being an anti
  • dont like pda on your tl
  • ship incest and pedo ships and it isnt for coping
  • ship these things and post on an open platform even if for coping
  • you dont believe fiction effects reality
  • Uh please tell when you sb thanks

For Ada:

  • i dont care who follows me just dont be a...
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Hello!!!! Its nice to meet everyone!!!!

  • JD/Star!
  • Im 14 years old but the body is 22! But please dont use that as an excuse for anything! Thank you!
  • He/him or She/Her! I like them both!
  • I only have 1 kin and that is Pidge Gunderson from Voltron Legendary Defender!!!
  • I love the color pink and all aesthetics related to it!!!
  • I dont front as often as before because theres been a lot of things happening as of late that im too scared to interact with! But i still wouldnt mind some friends!!!
  • Follow my twitter if you wanna!
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I don't see the point in this but heres an quick about me because i have my own listography.

  • Ribbon
  • 22
  • Nonbinary Lesbian
  • He/Him;They/Them
  • No kins.
  • Follow my twitter for more information.
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Lets get this over with.

  • Ada
  • Don't use any other pronouns with me besides he/him
  • Lets just say im too old for this 22 year old body
  • A fictive thats in the system
  • I dont have any kins, but i am an adachi fictive that keeps getting yelled at by the hosts boyfriend. I dont care if you dont think we exist honestly.
  • I only front when hes really distressed about a certain trauma or if i really want too but thats rarely. I get bored of it quick, honestly.
  • Follow my Twitter if you want i guess? Am i doing this right?
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