• Kaito x Gakupo
  • Rin x Len (I don't see them as twins)
  • Meiko x Luka
  • Mac x Dennis
  • update, alan is a dick and doesnt deserve love
  • Sandra x Camille
  • James x Satan (jamescest is so cute)
  • Bellanx x Eighteen

Quite a few others but I'm lazy.

jul 12 2017 ∞
apr 28 2018 +

i possibly have mental issues!!! Not diagnosed yet, but be careful JUST in case. But I won't say I have mental issues, there's just a possibility.

  • might talk about my weight, as I'm super insecure about it.

i talk about my interests a LOT, and I complain about stuff. If you get sick of it you can always unfollow me.

you'll never know all of my true feelings most likely. I have an issue where I change myself to make others happy, so don't assume you know me unless I tell you. You only get so much of the truth

Sometimes I'll say stuff like "yohane is [insert how I feel]" But that's mostly when I really feel like yoshiko??? Idk I'm weird

Actually not sure if I believe in aliens? Ex01 has its own type so idk my alien stance.

feb 16 2017 ∞
apr 28 2018 +


  • you can follow me but I just. Won't follow back? But I usually don't follow back so.

you're racist towards anyone. (Including white people, get out of here.)

you're homo/heterophobic

you treat gay people as a fetish, you're gross.

you ship fillie

you ship incest or generally gross ships.

you're kin with prompto, I swear you're not invalid. It just makes me uncomfortable. I might be able to make an exception

feb 14 2017 ∞
apr 28 2018 +

I like a lot of things!!! But if it has a lot of !!!!s then I really like it. The more there are, the bigger the interest.

stranger things (!!!)

vocaloid (!!!!) ((Top 3 producers are Kikuo, Maretu and MitchieM))

a ton of bands (just ask)

experiment 01 (yes I'm that sad) ((!!!!!!!))

childish gambino

love live (!!!)

ffxv!! (!!!)

pop team epic


Black butler (!!!)

fire emblem (!!!!!)

inanimate insanity (!!!)


Bo burnham! (!!!!)

Demi Lovato (she's so talented omg)

Serial killers and other crimes (!!!!) ((This one is weird. I don't support them, ...

feb 16 2017 ∞
apr 28 2018 +

I'm chloe and it took me 4 chapters and all the truth bullets to learn how to run in DRAE.

pronouns are she/her

I'm white+cis

lawful good+INFJ

I'm 100% pessimistic! Wow. Loser.

Autistic+Sensory processing disorder (most. Likely.)

I talk a lot, and have a lot to say. That's why so much of this shit is really long and I have too many things. I've got a lot on my mind.

#1 tyler joseph stan

I'm accepting of everyone, unless you're an actual nazi or something like that

I'm bisexual+asexual and taken *grab knife* dotn

I have one trigger and it's vomit. Talking about vomit is okay, but seeing it, smelling it, or hearing it really messes with me. I'm getting better tho! Thanks brea...

dec 2 2016 ∞
apr 28 2018 +

what I'll tag:

  • real life gore
  • self-harm
  • spoilers!!! Especially for stranger things
  • trypophobia (since i have it badly)

what I want people to tag:

  • mostly trypophobia stuff
  • pictures or videos of that one jump scares video of the car or that frozen yogurt thing where the dude eats himself. Those literally traumatized me.
  • going to tøp concerts. It's weird I know but, for now, that stuff makes me cry a lot
  • eye strain? Idk you don't HAVE to but my eyes are sensitive and can't handle super...
feb 14 2017 ∞
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