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  • Cody (Denka/Jack)
  • They/Them (or any pronouns except she/her tbh)
  • Virgo
  • (A)ENFP-T
  • Agender (?)
  • Pan
  • College student going for a degree in costuming
  • Cosplaying since October 2012
  • I have a monthly crisis about Vampire Knight
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jan 1 2018 +
  • Vassal to @Manlychaan
  • @itsukishuP is hime
  • @deco_turtle is my partner in Non-Gender-Conforming Crime
  • @shoutotodorokii made me Believe It
  • @Rosebrook18 is a mASSIVE ENABLER
  • @Fruitso1 is the One and Only Long Lost Man Friend
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Mutuals feel free to ask for my:

  • Private twitter
  • LINE
  • Discord
  • Facebook
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  • Airbender
  • Hufflepuff with strong Gryffindor tendencies
  • Secretly the prince of Pars
  • Honoka/Umi/Riko/Ruby best girls !!
  • SoumaP, ArashiP, AkatsukiP, FineP
  • HOMRA/Red King alliance
  • Hoshibro of Hoshido

Currently Screaming About:

  • Ensemble Stars/ENSTAGE
  • Persona 5
  • Overwatch (reaper76 a lot)
  • I’m going through like my 10th kpop phase
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dec 25 2017 +
  • I RT nsfw things sometimes!!! I also like nsfw posts, and don't RT them, but since twitter has that new "show you what ppl you follow liked" function, I can't turn it off, and I'm not gonna stop liking those posts, so they might end up on your TL.
  • I RT art of controversial ships OFTEN (example: any Shaladin-Shiro/Keith/Lance/Pidge/Hunk, or baku/deku etc) not necessarily because I ship them but because I appreciate the art. This also includes hate ships (like fe Niles/Tsubaki, Kurapika/Chrollo etc.) I tend to rt a lot of ships I don't personally ship bc the art is good lmao.. but if these posts make you uncomfortable I'd suggest not following.
  • I AM NOT SPOILER FREE. I do try to do tweet threads or add spoiler warnings BUT I DONT ALWAYS DO THIS. I won't stop live tweeting things and yes I am that person wh...
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