• It takes forever to dry
  • I hate even going to get it trimmed, so the ends are getting crappy
  • I never do anything cool with it, don't even know how to french braid (can do fishtail for some reason...)
  • I just have to have it up all the time, and might get a teeny bald spot where the clip rubs against my scalp...
  • I can donate it again
  • what is the point???
  • gets tangly if I leave it down too long
sep 4 2018 ∞
sep 4 2018 +
  • I'm a big ol' sloucher
  • I don't like crying, in front of anyone or by myself
  • My hearing is garbage
  • I am German/Irish but cannot handle my alcohol
  • It's hard for me to make decisions bc I'm more afraid of making the wrong choice; I do nothing a lot bc of this...
  • I love coffee (but it makes me nervous)
  • I love West Virginia but usually just go to the same few places, I want to see more of it though.
  • I hate cigs
  • I like to read whatever--even if an author or genre seems repellant, you never know if you might find at least one book you like (same with music)
  • I wish I had travelled more than I have by now
  • I like people but don't want to be around...
apr 25 2017 ∞
apr 25 2017 +
  • cotton rounds for applying facial toner
  • nail polish (not a lot)
  • shampoo & conditioner with dyes & garbage (herbal essences makes a p good dye free one at least)
  • could take shorter showers
  • disposable wax strips
  • wow these are all grooming/hygiene related so far
  • food/drinks in tetra packs (not a lot)
  • tea bags that have foil lined wrappers
  • buying things online that come in plastic mailers (even though they're recyclable, it's still more plastic)
mar 17 2017 ∞
sep 4 2018 +
  • Yard, anywhere to garden; sun
  • Room for compost container
  • No vinyl siding (clapboard okay)
  • No wall-to-wall carpeting
  • No shitty neighbors (a stretch)
  • Can have pets
  • Close to job
  • Another stretch, but an old house would be nice
mar 11 2018 ∞
mar 11 2018 +
  • Oversleep. Like, a lot. Don't set an alarm and just sleep as long as you can.
  • Have a day where you don't do anything, or get in a car.
  • Waste some time; sometimes it doesn't feel good, but sometimes it can be relaxing.
feb 19 2018 ∞
feb 19 2018 +
  • Colby Farm, MA (for the sunflowers)
  • Tygart State Park, WV
  • Ringing Rocks Park, PA
  • Jamestown, ND (for the world's largest buffalo statue)
  • White Sands Nat'l Monument, NM
  • Glacier Bay, AK
  • Trash Museum, NY
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, MA
  • Satan's Kingdom State Recreation, CT
  • Ice Castles, NH
  • Bradbury Building, CA
  • Zion Nat'l Park UT
  • Baxter State Park ME
  • Milwaukee WI (not very specific)
  • Hocking Hills OH
  • the midwest
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Notre Dame Cathedral, France
  • Salem, MA
mar 17 2017 ∞
jan 26 2018 +
  • Cafe del Sol
  • Neri's Pupuseria--even if you order to eat there. So fucking good though :'(
  • Ledo's
  • Camino
jun 10 2018 ∞
jun 10 2018 +
  • Right in town, ten min commute
  • Don't need new clothes, same jeans and hoodie (nobody cares!)
  • It's warm inside, unlike FL; no stupid air conditioning
  • (So far) people are nice
  • Schedule isn't too bad, would prefer to stick to morning shift, ALL the time but night shift might not be so bad
  • Cats on premises, so when it's nice out I can just have break on the picnic tables and play with them possibly.
  • (Might change, see how much it costs) Health insurance
  • one week vacation after 6 months (can take trip in SUMMER)
  • Pay is good
  • Get paid lunch
jan 3 2018 ∞
sep 4 2018 +