• lo-fi music
  • piano instrumental
  • some mangas and animes
  • hoodie
  • black tea
  • rain
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jun 10 2018 +

hi i'm angela; 17 years old/2000

  • i sometimes tweet in indo so just ignore it!!
  • she/they
  • jakarta, ina
  • sagittarius
  • infp
  • i enjoy listening to music, looking for pretty things, go outside alone, talking but i'm not good at conversation tho hehe x
  • i think i'm genderfluid? bc i could think i'm either good to be a boy or a girl, but on the other day, i don't think i can be either a girl or a boy.
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jun 13 2018 +
  • jung yerin / gfriend
  • hong jisoo / seventeen
  • choi yerim / loona
  • kim yerim / red velvet
  • heize
  • park jamie / 15&
  • amber josephine liu / f(x)
  • lee siyeon / dreamcatcher
  • im nayeon / twice
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jun 10 2018 +
  • i don't really approach with people ofte unless they're close with me or they're the one that start interact with me, but hey don't let this stop you from talking to me!!! i jus't don't have much topic to talk with, i love talking yea but it's not that easy to have topic and start convo
  • i may seem disinterested but i really just run out of things to say
  • i like realistic people that would like to say nice things about what i do and compliment about what i wear or whatever?? cause yea it's something that realistic when you compliment about stuffs like that since tbh i know i'm not good at everything or have good look either!! so let's just be honest and realistic lmao
  • never lie to me cause i would drop you in 2 minutes if you ever did it
  • i tend to easily forgive people so nvm i'...
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