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i was sick, i was dead, lay my head on the cement bed

Gothgirl87 follows:
  • i hate earth emoe x3739037
  • call me jesse or kk (preferably that rather than karkat hehe) or any of my kintypes or whatever you would like but if you know my real name you can call me that as well
  • I'm 15
  • dont like doubles sorri!!!!
  • Bday: march 29th, i'm an aries
  • infp/lawful good/phlegmatic-melancholic
jul 7 2017 ∞
sep 9 2017 +

Don't interact if you're a double of any of my fiction kintypes Please!


  • Karkat vantas - homestuck
  • jesse pinkman - breaking bad


  • murdoc niccals - gorillaz

Ask for my comfortkins if you want, I don't mind doubles for those btw


  • victorian era witch (1837-1903)
  • mobster (70's)

I have memories for my otherkin kintypes and believe i was them in past lives! as for my beliefs regarding fictkin, feel free to ask

pls don't rq if you will judge me for how i identify with kin, judge my kintypes, or think i pick my kintypes

aug 13 2017 ∞
sep 9 2017 +