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i was sick, i was dead, lay my head on the cement bed

lil buddy follows:
  • Hi
  • My name will come up at some point if you follow sry for ominous
  • 15
  • aries
  • girl (cis)
  • I post like twice a week
  • I have a bad habit of not liking every post so please do not be offenede if i follow you and don't like all your posts
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Uh yes my kintypes are strange i understand ok just do not interact if you are une double and otherwise if you do not like my kintypes do not worry because i do not post about kin........

I’m not putting them in order bc i am embarrassed

  • Jesse pinkman - breaking bad
  • Gundham tanaka - danganronpa 2
  • karkat vantas - homestuck
  • Natsuki - doki doki literature club


  • touko fukawa - danganronpa
  • monika - doki doki literature club
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