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maybe we'll survive if we don't discover one life ties to another

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NOTE: if you do not have your name and age anywhere on your account I will NOT follow. If you are a locked account I don't know, I will most likely softblock you. (So please inform me somehow if you're following me on a locked if we know each other otherwise you might get softblocked.)

  • Don't follow if you fill in the usual byf criteria (homophobic, transphobic, terf, racist, trump supporter, etc.)
  • Don't follow if you make fun of otherkin. Seriously let people be lmfao.
  • Don't come near me if you're a Mori apologist, think Mori isn't abusive, &/or is just some quirky mafia dad. I like him as a character but I drag him and his apologists viciously without remorse. Don't fucking talk to me if you think he isn't a pedo or hasnt abused Dazai.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME 'SILVY'. you can call me every variation of 'silver' or make up your own nickname but do not call me 'silvy'.
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  • Vent: ask for in DM's if we're close
  • NSFW: medechans (You can RQ but I may decline.)
  • AO3: rchimedes
  • Curious Cat: here
  • Translation for bungou stray dogs gaiden (novel & manga): ranposama
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  • Silver / Xhin
  • (Xhin is pronounced like gin, the drink.)
  • 21 yrs old, born may 6
  • agender (he/they)
  • ENG, 日本語 OK です!
  • mentally ill + autistic + ADHD
  • taken by a lovely angel ♥ @elegycontext
  • World's #1 Rchimedes lover! He is my actual life!!


  • My memory is VERY bad. I will forget things at times, so it's nothing against anyone. I don't intentionally try to forget things, so if I do, I'm sorry.
  • I'm the type of person who likes all your text posts to show my silent support because I'm not good at talking. If you want...
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Main interests I talk about every day

  • Bungou Stray Dogs, Fate (mainly fate/zero and fate/go), Chain Chronicle, Love Live, BanG Dream

Others I talk about but not excessively

  • Pokemon / Pokespe, Bungou to Alchemist, Touken Ranbu, Senyuu, Persona 5
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ID's (Literally me irl)

  • Trainer Silver / pokespe
  • Ashelia Dalmasca / ff12


  • Rchimedes
  • Edogawa Ranpo
  • Honebami Toushirou
  • Natsume Takashi

Comfort Charas

  • Rchimedes
  • Edogawa Ranpo
  • Mori Ougai & Elise
  • Kurosawa Dia
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"spiders silver who lives in a cave and writes 8000 mori discourse posts a day is an outlier adn should not be counted" - art, fakekarakura

"silver is an angst gremlin who once sent me a fic of ayatsuji dying just to spite me" - starr, pompadourking

"silver can make any ship exist just by blinking in it's direction and that is a godly power we should all be scared of" - mae

"silver, if one day, for some reason, satan died on his throne in hell and god had to come down and choose his successor to maintain the balance of good and evil, i'm convinced out of all 7 billion people (and counting) currently in the world, he would choose you." - jian dazai

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