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  • Itori or Kaitlin works!
  • 23
  • Female
  • Living in Alberta, Canada

Please be aware that I'm a very social person with the attention span of a flee and the inability to say no (I'm working on it) so I have the tendency to start conversations and never finish them. If this gets to be a problem for you, please let me know!

I love Ritsu Sakuma a Lot and relate to him quite a bit. Wataru Hibiki also! Please keep them safe.. and out of ranking...

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mar 20 2017 +
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I go to many, many conventions every year, and I sew my own cosplays! I'm also Eli Ayase in the dance group μ'sica! (pronounced Musica) We attend cons, festivals and charities to help spread the idol cheer and help where we can! It would mean so much to me if you helped support us! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

I also take commissions! DM me for inquiries!

Upcoming con:

  • Tsurucon

Upcoming cosplays:

  • Ritsu Sakuma (Setsubun bloomed) - Ensemble Stars!
  • 2B - Nier Automata
  • Eli Ayase (???) - Love Live!
  • Ritsu Sakuma (Cheshire Cat)

Other cons:

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mar 20 2017 +
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  • ensemble stars
  • nier (all games)
  • zaregoto series

Everything else:

  • idolish7
  • yumeiro cast
  • aichuu
  • love live!
  • uraboku
  • gekka ryouran romance
  • dance with devils
  • black wolves saga
  • diabolik lovers
  • zankyou no terror
  • fate/ (namely zero)
  • yu yu hakusho
  • katekyo hitman reborn!
  • haikyuu!
  • osomatsu-san
aug 17 2016 ∞
mar 20 2017 +