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fucking superb, you funky lil lesbian

calliope follows:

calliope (homestuck)

  • calliope is literally me 100% of the time, i've never felt more like another character and probably never will. since i see her so strongly as myself, doubles make me a bit uncomfortable, but it's still okay to follow if she isn't a high id for you ♡

joey wheeler/jounouchi katsuya (yu-gi-oh, all media)

  • joey/jou is me in every sense as well!! he is part of my base personality and i see him very strongly as myself! please do not follow if you tag someone else as him/won't warn for inval. no doubles at all, please!

nico di angelo (riordanverse)

  • i've kinned nico before i even knew what kinning was, so he's a really large part ...
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jul 13 2018 +
  • kravitz (the adventure zone) ♤
  • kenma kozume (haikyuu!!) ◇
  • angus delaney (night in the woods) ◇
  • kanaya maryam (homestuck) ◇
  • julian devorak (the arcana) ♤
  • brooke lohst (be more chill) ◇
  • michiru kaioh/sailor neptune (sailor moon) ◇
  • feferi peixes (homestuck, plus 20s/mafia au) ♡
  • duck newton (the adventure zone: amnesty) ◇
  • augustus parsons (the adventure zone: dust) ◇
  • apollo justice (ace attorney) ◇
  • todoroki shouto (boku no hero academia) ◇
  • aizawa shota (boku no hero academia) ♤
  • koda koji (boku no hero academia) ◇
  • mei hatsume (boku no hero academia) ♡
  • yamaguchi tadashi (haikyuu!!) ♡
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  • infj / hufflepuff / page of space / virga / neutral good / minor
  • you can call me calliope, callie, cal, sol, or any kin names!
  • i'm a nonbinary (agender) lesbian and i use any pronouns!
  • i'm a wiccan witch, with a focus on nature and white magick
  • i'm autistic, have generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder with agoraphobia, bipolar type two, chronic pain, and an unspecified sleep disorder. please be aware that sometimes i am unable to respond to people because of my health issues, i definitely don't hate you and am not ignoring you, i just can't respond ♡
  • please talk to me about yu-gi-oh, bob ross, the mcelroys, okapis, homestuck, and my girlfriend, as these are my special interests!
  • i vent on my story but everything is tagg...
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  • my girlfriend mimi!! we've been together for over two years and they mean the absolute world to me!! i tag them as: basically all of my romantic interests ever


  • vris is my amazing qpp and i love them so much!!! i tag them as: vriska, uraraka, and chloe price


  • ren is amazing!!! they're so supportive, talented, kind, and funny!! big love!! my bestest friendest! i tag them as: taako taaco, nepeta leijon, michael mell, sayori


  • caspian is another one of my qpps and i love him so much!!!!!! he's such a sweeth...
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!! means must always be tagged, as it is an extreme trigger for me

  • five nights at freddy's/animatronics !! (this is my biggest trigger and i have an extreme phobia of fnaf/animatronics. do NOT follow if you post untagged fnaf/animatronic content or will talk to me about either at all. thinking about fnaf/animatronics sends me into an immediate panic and can leave me feeling incredibly paranoid for days. please please PLEASE tag any and all art/mentions/discussions of it!!!)
  • self harm !! (scars are okay! imagery of fresh harm and discussion of doing it are the only things that trigger me)
  • suicide !!
  • mutilation/decapitation of stuffed animals and discussion of losing stuffed animals/comfort objects !! (i know it's weird, i'm sorry!)
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  • you're racist, sexist, ableist, homo/transphobic, anti kin, etc.
  • you're only following to send hate, stalk me, or be mean.
  • you know me irl and i didn't tell you about this account.
  • you know my deadname and will call me by it. please never deadname me unless you are a long time friend and it's an accident, all will be forgiven in that case.
  • you won't tag my triggers, especially fnaf/animatronics!!!
  • you ship anything that involves abuse, pedophilia, incest, etc.
  • ask to follow if you're over 20 (i'm a minor) i'll most likely say yes but i just like to be aware.
  • ask to follow if your name is jess.
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thanks for reading! the password is any of the following:

  • "thank travis for travis"
  • "they call me lucky left arm!"
  • "hi callie, my name's (your name/current shift)!"
  • "do not fake the funk on this nasty dunk"
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