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hi! i'm calliope! i use they/she/he pronouns depending on how i'm feeling, though you can always use they/them! please read this and dm me the password to follow!

calliope follows:

about me

  • infj / hufflepuff / page of space / virga / neutral good
  • you can call me cal, callie, or any kin names if you'd like (especially if we're canonmates)!
  • i'm an agenderfluid lesbian! (i fluctuate from demigirl/lunarian to agender and back! i use any pronouns when i'm agender but prefer they/she when lunarian!)
  • i'm a wiccan witch specializing in nature magick and white magick!!
  • i have generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar type II, dpd, autism, and dyspraxia!
  • i love making friends but i tend to get distracted and am very awkward/anxious at first, so if i disappear on you or say something weird i'm really sorry!
  • i have a really hard time telling when people are being sarcastic (since i'm autistic) so please be patient with me!
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calliope (homestuck)

  • calliope is literally me 100% of the time, i've never felt more like another character and probably never will. since i see her so strongly as myself, doubles do make me a bit uncomfortable, though you can still follow if she's a minor kin for you!

joey wheeler/jounouchi katsuya (yu-gi-oh, all media)

  • joey/jou is me in every sense as well!! he is part of my base personality and i see him very strongly as myself! same policy on doubles as calliope!

nico di angelo (riordanverse)

  • nico has been a kin i've been sort of hiding for a while, mostly because i hadn't been fully caught up with all of riordan's books, but he is Undoubtedly Me. same p...
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jun 20 2018 +

primary kins

  • kravitz (the adventure zone)
  • kenma kozume (haikyuu!!)
  • angus delaney (night in the woods)
  • kanaya maryam (homestuck)
  • julian devorak (the arcana)
  • brooke lohst (be more chill)
  • michiru kaioh/sailor neptune (sailor moon)

secondary kins

  • yamaguchi tadashi (haikyuu!!)
  • akaashi keiji (haikyuu!!)
  • duck newton (the adventure zone: amnesty)
  • jonathan combs (welcome to hell)
  • padparadscha sapphire (steven universe)
  • olivia white (lemonade mouth)
  • hunk garett (voltron: legendary defender)

note: tertiary, copingkins, synpaths, and...

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jun 20 2018 +

note: mimi is my canonmate for all of my kins' romantic partners, it's a lot to write down so feel free to ask who they are if you're curious!

kravitz tl 1

  • taako taaco: @a.wild.moon.child


  • roxy: @they_call_me_mimi
  • jade: @treeboy.evan

feferi, 20s au

  • aradia megido: @pvpbathroom


  • aradia megido: @they_call_me_mimi
  • jade harley: @treeboy.evan

kanaya tl1

  • rose lalonde: @they_call_me_mimi
  • jade harley: @treeboy.evan
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  • my girlfriend mimi!! we've been together for over two years and they mean the absolute world to me!! i tag them as: basically all of my romantic interests ever


  • vris is my amazing qpp and i love them so much!!! i tag them as: vriska, uraraka, and chloe price


  • casper is amazing!!! they're so supportive, talented, kind, and funny!! big love!! my bestest friendest! i tag them as: taako taaco, nepeta leijon


  • caspian is a great friend of mine!! he's such a sweetheart and he always make my day so much better! i tag him as: alfendi...
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  • you want to be friends!
  • you want to compare memories/become canonmates!
  • you're looking for anyone that i'm kin with!
  • you like tagging people as their kins! (i love being tagged, even if i'm not in their shift!!)
  • you'd like me to tag you as your kins! you can comment on the post you want tagged or dm me if you want to be someone i tag regularly!!
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  • you're racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, anti kin, etc.
  • you're only following to send hate or be mean
  • you know my deadname and will call me by it. please never deadname me unless you are a long time friend and it's an accident, all will be forgiven in that case!
  • you won't tag my triggers. some are very severe and will send me into a violent meltdown/breakdown on sight/at mention or give me extreme paranoia for an extended period of time.
  • you ship anything that involves abuse, pedophilia, incest, etc. and you aren't kin with at least one of the members in the relationship.
  • you don't want to see any posts about my kins (i understand this makes some people uncomfortable! please block me if you need to for your safety!)
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thanks for reading! the password is any of the following:

  • "thank travis for travis"
  • "they call me lucky left arm!"
  • "hi callie, my name's (your name/current shift)!"
  • "do not fake the funk on this nasty dunk"

or a picture of any of my ids/kins! please feel free to talk to me any time, i'd love to be friends!!! ♡♡♡

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