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calliope follows:


  • my girlfriend mimi!! we've been together for over two years and they mean the absolute world to me!! i tag them as: basically all of my romantic interests ever


  • vris is my amazing qpp and i love them so much!!! i tag them as: vriska, uraraka, and chloe price


  • ren is amazing!!! they're so supportive, talented, kind, and funny!! big love!! my bestest friendest! i tag them as: taako taaco, nepeta leijon, michael mell, sayori


  • caspian is another one of my qpps and i love him so much!!!!!! he's such a sweetheart and he always make my day so much better! i tag him as: alfendi layton, kuroo tetsurou, clay terran, and iida tenya


  • best friend and egg mother!!! sophie is one of my absolute favorite people, also a great irl friend!! i tag her as: zoe rivas


  • great friend and tree child!! fiona is an amazing person and i love her very much! i tag her as: jade harley


  • anabelle is always the funniest person in the room and is incredible!! a really great friend!!


  • ollie has been my friend since seventh grade and i cherish her with my whole heart!!! i tag her as: many naruto characters and maka from soul eater


  • avery is!!! wholesome and wonderful!!! i love them a whole lot!!! i tag them as: barry bluejeans, rich goranski, and hikaru hitachiin


  • sage is a really good friend of mine and i care for them very dearly!! i tag them as: portia, usagi (usagi on sailorbunhead), aradia, and taako


  • anakin is a great friend of mine and i love them so much!!! i tag them as: anakin skywalker, angel (lilo and stitch), toga himiko, and yami bakura
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