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hi! i'm calliope! i use they/she/he pronouns depending on how i'm feeling, though you can always use they/them! please read this and dm me the password to follow!

calliope follows:

calliope (homestuck)

  • calliope is literally me 100% of the time, i've never felt more like another character and probably never will. since i see her so strongly as myself, doubles do make me a bit uncomfortable, though you can still follow if she's a minor kin for you!

joey wheeler/jounouchi katsuya (yu-gi-oh, all media)

  • joey/jou is me in every sense as well!! he is part of my base personality and i see him very strongly as myself! same policy on doubles as calliope! doubles are a-okay for all other kins!!
may 22 2018 ∞
jun 20 2018 +