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fucking superb, you funky lil lesbian

calliope follows:
  • you're racist, sexist, ableist, homo/transphobic, anti kin, etc.
  • you're only following to send hate, stalk me, or be mean.
  • you know me irl and i didn't tell you about this account.
  • you know my deadname and will call me by it. please never deadname me unless you are a long time friend and it's an accident, all will be forgiven in that case.
  • you won't tag my triggers, especially fnaf/animatronics!!!
  • you ship anything that involves abuse, pedophilia, incest, etc.
  • ask to follow if you're over 20 (i'm a minor) i'll most likely say yes but i just like to be aware.
  • ask to follow if your name is jess.
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