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rip to all the hours of sleep I've lost to overthinking.

mythos follows:
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I am trying to maintain a level of decency by not publicly mentioning names ; however , there are people I am trying to avoid seeing on my timeline. constant interaction with them will , unfortunately , prompt me to block you regardless of personal connection. I am genuinely sorry it's come to this but , for comfort's sake , it has to be done.


hand this account or the content tweeted here out. you're here because a.) we're super close friends , b.) i trust you enough with the information provided , or c.) all of the above. this is a safe haven , not only for me , but those who follow me here — I refuse to jeopardize their ( and my ) well-being purely because you wanted to misbehave.

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  • you meet the typical DNF criteria.
  • you don't understand respect.
  • you cause/start unnecessary drama.


  • heavy drinking + alcohol abuse
  • smoking + drug usage
  • mentions of / implications of rape
  • images of clowns / spiders
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my neutral expression makes me look like i'm always tired or not in the mood to handle the stresses of life which is convenient because it's true.

  • creative writing certified // history major
  • demiromantic , asexual
  • he / they pronouns please!
  • probably an asshole
  • also really fckn sappy like calm down

if you ever wish to break mutuals with me / no longer wish to interact with me , please spare us the uncomfortable vibes and just sb me!

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these people mean the world to me ; 10/10 would fight a war if it meant keeping them safe.

  • printemps
  • shizuka
  • shino
  • olivia

i'll write cute messages here eventually xoxo

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