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alex drew my icon // all icons used are drawn for the tv show pokemon or the manga

rhyder follows:
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  • anxiety disorder
  • asd - autism spectrum disorder (initially diagnosed as asperger's)
  • depression
  • borderline personality disorder (self-diagnosed since im not old enough to be diagnosed with it yet)
  • gender dysphoria (self-diagnosed due to inability to access psychiatrist)
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  • rhyder (rider), rylee, or ry
  • 17 years old
  • trans male
  • he/him
  • demiromantic / panromantic
  • spiritualist
  • enfp
  • knight of breath
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you don't have to actually do a lot of these things but it would be really nice if you did do them!

  • also don't talk to me if you associate yourself with anyone who goes by the name of dusk or flamelord333.
  • also please send me things on curiouscat
  • i refuse to use the word q*eer solely because of how uncomfortable it makes me. call me what you will over it and i'll still kick your ass.
  • i use f*ggot as a slur, mostly because i'm reclaiming it for myself as i am gay, so please don't send me anything about that. i'm tired.
  • if you found this irl and i didn't say it was ok for you to follow, get the fuck out.
  • if you're kin with any of my ids please don't follow before asking me if it's alright! you can also ask if you can dm me ab...
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coping - will be listed as highest, and will often resort to using this identity as a ways to bar my own identity in the event of dissociation.

id - me lol, please don't argue with me on that. will normally accept doubles unless they are also the id of someone else. just ask though? may also be used as coping too.

primary - just a tier lower for something i don't use as a means to solidify my identity. this is probably used for gender identity or for some other unspecified reason.

synpath - means i just have some weak feelings of this kin, or identify partially with it. will not be defensive at all over these.

questioning - self-explanatory, one would think. don't really care much about if someone is following me that has this kin.

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  • cosmic horror, science fiction, and dystopian fiction
  • drawing
  • hanging out with friends
  • hp lovecraft
  • klonoa
  • my own canons and ocs
  • new-age
  • oneshot
  • pokemon
  • ps
  • roleplaying too ig
  • scps
  • sonic the hedgehog (mostly the video game series, i havent been able to keep up on the comic series or any of the tv shows outside of sonic x or sonic underground)
  • steven universe
  • stimboards
  • undertale (i guess?)
  • writing / editing (emphasis on editing)
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