• Was born in the 90's
  • Am a "cisgender" woman (that is, a woman)
  • Identify with radical feminism
    • But i only hate most men, not all of them
  • Am not sure if i'm heterosexual or bisexual (i believe it's not as simple as most people seem to think it is)
  • Am an INFJ-T (that's what they say)
  • Am an Aries (i didn't say i believe in astrology, though)
  • Lilac is my favorite color
  • Don't remember anything else about me right now
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I don't have much patience for movies, let alone series. I like sitcoms, though. Although there's a long time I don't watch any. I say I like cartoons but there's a long time i don't watch any either. I like everything comedy. I hate romantic comedy, though. I like some romantic comedy movies, but just because of their comedy. The romance ruins the movie. When I watch movies, i like the ones about witches and the trashy horror and comedy horror ones mostly. I love bad horror. Be it intentionally or unintentionally bad. Super heroes suck. I don't care about Star Wars and video games. Most animes are bad. So many people that, unlike me, have watched a bunch of animes, say that Death Note is one of the best ones but it actually is a six out of ten at most, which gives you an idea of what most animes are like. And there's so many of them. The Death Note's idea is good, but the anime is filled ...

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