In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge, "I wish to remain anonymous." (In other words, I wish to be known as only Shu.)

I wish to use this Twitter to really connect with myself as Shu. I want to express the thoughts and memories that I have in a semi-public manner as it helps me feel more connected and validated in a sense.

My ID is an AU--I do not follow the EnStars canon entirely. In their canon, Shu is heavily-hinted at being attracted to minors in an non-innocent/purely-doll related way and he makes me uncomfortable; however, most everything else I follow. French dolls are a love; I am rude, I am cruel and I am learning to change.

I have yet found an exact term that I am more comfortable using that fits exactly what Shu is; I.D. is simply what fits best. I experience memories that he has yet to reach; I have realizations about him and his actions and why he does certain things that he has yet to realize/accept as true.

Please refrain from requesting to follow if you are:

        • » Abusive
        • » Okay with pornographic content (written/drawn/implied) depicting children, fictional included. Children, for me, is 17 and younger.
        • » Under 18
        • » Triggered easily by panicked/distressed thoughts, descriptive, explicit flashbacks (often of a negative-sexual nature), talk of abusive behavior inflicted by (Shu).
        • » Bothered by non-sexually objectifying others (note that this is explicitly connected to Dolls. (Shu) see(s) most people as dolls, things to be played with and adored, to be seen and not heard unless you have the voice of Nazu-kun pre-puberty).
        • » If talk of wanting to treat a person like a doll in explicit detail will trigger you (Shu: what I mean by this is I have a yearning to take my favorite dolls and set them in a room with a lock that only I have the key to; where I'll always know where they are and I can visit as I please). {I, the Head, want to interject here that Shu has yet to realize that the panic that settles in his chest when he thinks of this is due to trauma associated with a situation similar to one he has described above}.
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