on twitter, we always update the icon and display name to reflect who is currently at front. this name is preferred. you can also call me STORMY as a catchall for everyone in system or if you dont know who is fronting now. fitz is an ok alternative only if you already know us as fitz


see system list - ey/em/eir is always ok. they/them is acceptable as an alternative


  • nonbinary/agender trans masc
  • im a big gay
  • dont call me "a queer"
  • 21 years old
  • white british
  • chronically ill
oct 9 2016 ∞
jul 25 2017 +

non headmate specific kin stuff:

  • cats
  • monkeys
  • robots/droids/ais
  • the void
  • swords


  • luke skywalker (star wars)
  • andrew detmer (chronicle)
  • data (star trek)

not kin but i relate to heavily/charas i project on way too much:

  • kaidan alenko (mass effect)
  • yamato 'matt' ishida (digimon)
  • eryx ryder (mass effect andromeda, my ryder oc)
jan 28 2017 ∞
jul 17 2017 +

im DID. on twit we change profile pic and display name to show fronter. please use name listed (nicknames are ok!!) ALVA is an ok name for all of us if current name isnt clear. sometimes we ask people to use ALVA only or to use fronter name only.

fitz - he/him or ey/em - 21yo (same as body)

  • current 'host'
  • very anxious
  • agoraphobic
  • lonely
  • emotionally sensitive and unstable
  • loves maths, science, space, reading and learning
  • learns new skills very fast
  • overly trusting
  • quiet, seems calm panicking
  • feels emotions intensely
  • hyperempathic

infp - lawful good

oct 9 2016 ∞
jul 29 2017 +

++ denotes most important tags i block both #fitz dont look and #fitz don't look as well as the words themselves

on twitter, you can just put fdl/

  • ++parasites (ESPECIALLY anything where an organism enters the ear or other orifice, doubley important to tag if this leads to control of their actions. this content has caused such a severe breakdown i was hospitalised)++
  • ++csa (child sexual abuse)++
  • rape
  • ++incest++
  • parental abuse
  • controlling partners or parents
  • anti-lgbt slurs
  • bugs/insects
  • patient abuse (like misuse of power, withholding of meds,, other bad stuff occurring inmedical situations)
  • **physical restraints++ (ropes, straitjac...
oct 9 2016 ∞
jul 17 2017 +