fitz - ey/em/eir - 22yo (same as body)

  • sort of host
  • rare fronter
  • depressive, bad at stuff

GABI - he/him/his - age shifts from 17-ish to our age

  • ex-host, avoids decision making
  • common fronter, mostly happy

SKIDS - ai/ain/air ONLY - ancient construct/no age

  • common fronter
  • manic depressive paranoid android
  • grumpy, avoidant

RHY - they/them/their and he/him/his (alternate) - 20s

  • he is in there
  • manic, narcissistic, badsadmadboy

ZEN - xe/xem/xyr - unmeasurable age

nov 20 2017 ∞
jan 13 2018 +

important stuff:

  • cats
  • monkeys, lemurs
  • robots/droids/ais
  • the void
  • swords

important media:

  • mass effect (2, andromeda)
  • fable games
  • star wars (clone wars, rebels)
  • digimon
  • assassin's creed (_syndicate_)
  • transformers (prime, mtmte/ll, rid2015)
  • spiderman (tasm/2)
  • cardcaptor sakura
  • chronicle
  • star trek (ds9)
  • shutter island
  • x-men
  • marvel cinematic universe
jan 28 2017 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

NAME: we dont rn have a collective name; prefer fronter names. fitz is ok in general if youre sort of addressing us as a whole.

PRONOUNS: we know all of us using one twitter can get confusion but name and icon will always be indicative of whos around. pronouns are in this list and current preference will always be visible on twitter bio. in general ey/em/eir is always ok


  • 22 years old
  • white british
  • agender-nonbinary-trans-lump of dust
  • gay for boys mostly
  • chronic pain and autoimmune disorder
  • crutch, cane and wheelchair user
  • bipolar
  • autistic
  • other stuff

NOTE: have used bold and italic text through this guide to denote importance

oct 9 2016 ∞
nov 20 2017 +

GABI - he/him/his - age shifts from 17-ish to 22 former host (from early childhood, what we consider the ~original~ person in system, but hard to judge because we've Always been multiple). became dormant after several headmates split off in rapid succession during extreme trauma as teenager. 'asleep' for almost 5 years and reappeared mid-2017

  • big happy gay mostly
  • has areas of severe amnesia and some of very intensely detailed memory
  • very interested in space, scifi, robots, aliens, fantasy
  • loves star trek so much


  • alec lightwood (shadowhunters) [yes i know shut up]
  • gabriel lorca (star trek: discovery)
  • josephus miller (the expanse)
oct 9 2016 ∞
jan 13 2018 +
nov 20 2017 ∞
jan 3 2018 +

++ denotes most important tags i block both #fitz dont look and #fitz don't look as well as the words themselves

on twitter, you can just put fdl/

  • ALL thor/loki with an incest warning please please please
  • ++parasites (ESPECIALLY anything where an organism enters the ear or other orifice, doubley important to tag if this leads to control of their actions. this content has caused such a severe breakdown i was hospitalised)++
  • ++csa (child sexual abuse)++
  • rape
  • ++incest++ (for this one please please use a specific tag, not just ship names and etc)
  • parental abuse
  • controlling partners or parents
  • anti-lgbt slurs
  • bugs/insects
  • patient abuse (like misuse of power, with...
oct 9 2016 ∞
nov 20 2017 +