GABI - he/him/his - age shifts from 17-ish to 22 former host (from early childhood, what we consider the ~original~ person in system, but hard to judge because we've Always been multiple). became dormant after several headmates split off in rapid succession during extreme trauma as teenager. 'asleep' for almost 5 years and reappeared mid-2017

  • big happy gay mostly
  • has areas of severe amnesia and some of very intensely detailed memory
  • very interested in space, scifi, robots, aliens, fantasy
  • loves star trek so much


  • alec lightwood (shadowhunters) [yes i know shut up]
  • gabriel lorca (star trek: discovery)
  • josephus miller (the expanse)
  • evie frye maybe probably

RHY - he/him/his and they/them/their, varied, check current listing - 20s

  • bad boy sadboy
  • fronts when we feel anger; sudden mood changes; situations where overconfidence needed
  • narcissitic personality disorder
  • extremely impulsive
  • dangerous compulsions; cannot gauge danger or emotional intensity
  • cant take being vulnerable or experiencing any perceived internal sadness, depression or low feelings
  • makes BAD decisions
  • addictive personality
  • phases in and out of reality


(gorey text warning) formed during a time where i repeatedly attempted to remove my own arm due to delusional episodes and as such experiences sensation of not having an arm or having an arm that was replaced with an prosthetic. experience phantom pains in shoulder as if it was an empty socket.


  • rhys (tftbl)
  • jacob frye (assassins creed syndicate)

SKIDS - ai/ain/air ONLY - ancient construct/no age

  • (can use they/them in difficult situations but ai/ain/air highly preferred)
  • manic depressive robot / paranoid android
  • delusional always
  • long term memory essentially at zero percent. struggles to create new memories
  • 50% dissociated 100% of the time
  • schizotypal
  • cant make decisions outside of sudden impulses
  • can learn most things very quickly, understands difficult abstract concepts well; struggles with obvious, common sense logic.
  • very much a protective factor. formed as unfeeling response to severe emotional trauma. still exists largely in this fashion

intp - chaotic good / chaotic neutral - NAIL


  • skids (tf mtmte)
  • amos (the expanse)
  • the hulk (marvel, mcu)

fitz - ey/em/eir - 22yo (same as body)

  • anxious, agoraphobic, lonely
  • emotionally intense and sensitive
  • learns new skills very fast
  • overly trusting
  • really likes marvel and digimon

infp - lawful good


  • fitz (agents of shield)
  • draco malfoy (harry potter)

ZEN - xe/xem/xyr - unmeasurable age

  • not human
  • likes swords
  • schizotypal + schizoid
  • not aggressive but angry
  • paranoid, untrusting, fearful, delusional
  • constantly distracted
  • reluctant mind reader (hears thoughts and feelings)

INTP - decepticon - lawful neutral / neutral evil


  • zer0 (bl2/tftbl)
  • zenyatta (ogrewatch)
  • cyclonus (transformers)

AXTON - he/him/his - 250ish (older than body)

  • rare fronter. long periods of dormancy
  • boisterous, bubbly, excitable etc
  • less anxious and prone to depression than others
  • generally calmer and struggles less than anyone else here
  • reeeeally loves spiderman and borderlands


  • peter parker (marvel)
  • axton (borderlands)
  • agumon+volution tree (digimon)
  • rodimus (transformers/mtmte)

TARS - it/its they/them

  • name always capitalised its an acronym
  • seeks social and physical contact constantly
  • bright, excitable, nervous energy
  • "full of beans"
  • rarely fronts alone, but often cofronts


  • rodimus (transformers)
  • cayde-6 (destiny)

alva - he/him/his - very young (7~13)

  • small, afraid, introspective
  • considering, calculating, overly formal, seems aloof but is shy
  • age regressed


  • andrew detmer (chronicle)
  • jesse pinkman (brba)

vikzi - they/them/their - does not understand age or have any sensation of time passing

  • ai in a human body
  • cannot identify physical feelings
  • disconnected from body and emotions
  • wants to talk and learn but not good at Real Life stuff
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jan 13 2018 +