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smoo follows:
  • Call me smoo!! (if you know my name IRL please DON'T call me it publicly- if you want to in DMs or whatever it's fine)
  • I'm 21!
  • Currently a 4th year college student (during school I may go quiet to study/do assingments- don't worry)
  • All That I Draw Is Robots
  • I'm Incredibly Shy I don't really reach out to people first (working on it) but I really do love to talk (even small talk) but especially listen/ask questions to people, I love learning about new things!
  • I talk about life, sometimes sad, but I'm aiming to not do that as often!
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  • Personal account- so I'll livetweet/talk here
  • Follow requests are OKAY! but I may not accept every request
  • I post doodles/WIPS here sometimes- all I ask is please don't share them! ANYWHERE (it might be weird but I don't really like seeing my stuff used as reaction images even if I drew it as one;; there's exceptions though- and if you're account is locked I'm probably more okay with it!)
  • Please feel free to soft-block me at any time! I'd rather be soft-blocked than perma muted
  • Feel free to mute me for spoilers or if I'm being really spammy one day though haha! But I usually don't post spoilers without a warning
  • If you're @ ing me in a drawing/gift publicly please don't use this @ use my public instead! (@smouiesuperstar)
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  • Megaman/Rockman (mostly classic and exe)
  • Kirby (my favorite!)
  • Pikmin
  • Metroid
  • Rhythm Heaven
  • Mother series
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Ace Attorney
  • Fire Emblem
  • Animal Crossing
  • Gunvolt
  • Pokemon
  • Undertale
  • Love Live!
  • osu
  • Basically Anything Nintendo

Everything Else:

  • Various webcomics/manga- horror/sci-fi are probably my favorite genres
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  • I use discord more than skype lately, but feel free to ask for either if one doesn't work for you!
  • Twitter DMs are fine too but I don't get a notif on my phone or anything
  • I have line too, I just don't check it as often
  • My Public/Art Account is @smouiesuperstar - I retweet art there and sometimes talk
  • I do still use tumblr a bit but not nearly as often as here (it's run purely based on a queue until I post a drawing) I have a personal and an art-only account there
  • My Ebooks bot is @smouiEbooks! if you're locked it needs to follow you back in order to interact with you!
  • Feel free to ask for my Nintendo ID! I only have a 3DS/wiiU but I'd love to play Animal Crossing/Pokemon/whatev
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I just wanted an odd number of lists afjlasfda if i think of what to put here it'll get filled lol

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