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  • I use discord more than skype lately, but feel free to ask for either if one doesn't work for you!
  • Twitter DMs are fine too but I don't get a notif on my phone or anything
  • I have line too, I just don't check it as often
  • My Public/Art Account is @smouiesuperstar - I retweet art there and sometimes talk
  • I do still use tumblr a bit but not nearly as often as here (it's run purely based on a queue until I post a drawing) I have a personal and an art-only account there
  • My Ebooks bot is @smouiEbooks! if you're locked it needs to follow you back in order to interact with you!
  • Feel free to ask for my Nintendo ID! I only have a 3DS/wiiU but I'd love to play Animal Crossing/Pokemon/whatev
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