• sagittarius, aries moon and scorpio rising sun
  • earth tiger
  • creature of the sun
  • enneagram type 2 (the helper)
  • chaotic good
  • icon by kabuki-akuma on tumblr
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may 21 2017 +
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  • call me tove!! lots of people know my birthname but its approaching deadname status so please
  • huge fan of beauty and the beast-style ships so expect to see that shit sometimes
  • dfab, my gender is [loud shrugging]
  • i prefer he/him pronouns, im on a journey of gender discovery
  • polyamorous
  • pretty exclusively into women/fem-aligned people
  • multiracial; my parents are both biracial. indigenous american/white/mexican
  • i have aspergers, depression and ptsd but im on a good path rn
  • my special interest, in the broadest way to put it, is people. come talk to me about history or the mind or even celebrity drama
jan 1 2016 ∞
may 19 2017 +

i generally go by peomkin on most things (it me label) but there are a few that are different. dont be afraid to add me on anything if we're twitter mutuals

  • twitter main: @bangishimog
  • art twitter: @peomkin
  • only mutuals can ask for my personal
  • main tumblr: @lamadremonte
  • art tumblr: @peomkin
  • snapchat: @peomkin
  • line: @avarshina
  • discord: @avarshina#6249

if youre interested in anything else let me know

may 24 2016 ∞
may 17 2017 +
  • book: the time machine by h.g. wells
  • movie: kubo and the two strings/the book of life
  • music: sufjan stevens and purity ring
  • tv show: wander over yonder
  • song: this painful summer by lonesome wyatt and rachel brooke OR genghis khan by miike snow
  • color: green
  • season: spring
  • animal: either owls or jellyfish
jan 1 2016 ∞
may 1 2017 +
  • explicit sexual nsfw (nudity is ok)(nsfw humor is also ok sometimes)
  • teeth/gums/open mouths
  • muscle gore (cant say i mind most gore, but if it involves muscles Im Outtie)
  • eye/mouth/hand trauma
  • small holes/trypophobia
  • rape/incest/pedophilia/abuse

i'll break a mutual or leave a long time friend for posting these dont test my PTSD ass

i do softblock if i feel its necessary. softblock/block instead of just unfollowing

jan 1 2016 ∞
may 2 2017 +

please dont follow if:

  • you are under 15
  • you ship incest/pedophilia/child grooming/etc
  • you fetishize gay relationships, particularly m/m or trans people
  • you say men are trash (its different if its like.... with context i guess? but im a man so positivity is preferred)
  • you say r*tard
  • you hate pearlmethyst (also: meet me behind dennys and fight me)
  • support/participate in ddlg
  • youre going to tweet self-depreciation or about killing yourself (on your main, nobody got no business policing your private/locked)

be warned that i come out of nowhere and like to tweet disgusting nsfw stuff (anthro planes, cars, cartoon porn, etc) and i promise this reflects nothing about my s...

may 2 2017 ∞
may 2 2017 +
  • mass effect (currently playing andromeda)
  • legend of zelda (currently playing breath of the wild)
  • star vs the forces of evil
  • overwatch
  • steven universe
  • the adventure zone
  • wander over yonder
  • kubo and the two strings
  • the book of life
  • the moomins
  • gravity falls
  • over the garden wall
  • venture bros
  • fire emblem
  • miraculous ladybug
  • dragon age
  • shovel knight
  • portal
jan 1 2016 ∞
may 18 2017 +