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cat burglar, cat burglar, won't you tell me how you know me better than i know myself?

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  • my name is dimitri or vergil!
  • 18 years old
  • white
  • ace flux/demiromantic
  • trans; he/him pronouns
  • i'm in a relationship!
  • i have headmates!
  • all white box icons are by karaii on deviantart
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aug 12 2018 +
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  • tumblr: vergilspardas
  • priv tumblr: ask
  • twitter: neofortuna
  • priv twitter: ask
  • sonofsparda
  • osu: calamityleaf
  • discord: ask
  • vent: decisivebattle
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it's really difficult for me to handle a lot of angst, so i can't watch/read/play certain things (i.e. just being told about infinity war made me start panicking)

please don't talk to me about discourse unless i say it's okay

if i end a post/tweet/sentence with a +, it means that statement is a joke (example: "ur a nerd +")

i do not see my past lives or my headmates as delusions; they're an integral part of my identity and my spirituality

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Mind control, slavery, etc; anything where the person loses control over their thoughts or actions, as well as any sort of forceful phrasing; things such as “obey”, “submit”, etc.

The slave arc in Sinbad no Bouken

Nelo Angelo from Devil May Cry

Coma theories/endings

The game Iconoclasts

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aug 12 2018 +
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i'm ok with doubles unless otherwise specified

big jerks:

  • satan; 1987 devilman ova [any pronouns or they/them] [pls don't follow if you make a lot of jokes abt being from devilman]
  • ladd russo; baccano [he/him]
  • faceless/james falt; the looking glass [he/him]
  • dave strider; homestuck [he/him]
  • professor venomous; OK KO [he/him]
  • bowser; mario rpg games

redemption arc:

  • jason todd; uuhhhhhhhh batman [he/him]
  • chara; undertale [they/them]
  • pallis; razia's shadow [he/him]
  • vergil; devil may cry [he/him]
  • ja'far; magi: the labyrinth of magic [he/him]

morally ambiguous:

mar 7 2017 ∞
aug 15 2018 +
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  • the little prince; le petit prince [he/him]
  • chrom; fire emblem awakening [he/him]
  • antarcticite; houseki no kuni [they/them]
  • meliodas; seven deadly sins [he/him]
  • mik; libretta [they/them]
  • gilver; devil may cry (noncanon) [he/him]
  • acacius; the labyrinth of magic (noncanon) [he/him]
mar 31 2017 ∞
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