• i tend to mega avoid doubles of myself. sorry
  • i use kins as a way to cope/express.. myself? my emotions? so thats why. doubles make me feel so bad i guess
    • basically i have a frail sense of identity and this helps
  • my kin list is ordered by how much i id as them if you couldnt tell
  • if you kin my comfort characters please.. please follow me.... (or if you share an otherkin ((?)) with me please..)
oct 21 2017 ∞
dec 17 2018 +
  • ask if you follow a double of me that you mainly tag. or dont mention it to me if we already talk
  • if youre kin with gumi or gwen stacy please ask to follow
    • most likely nothing personal, just for my comfort
  • if youre anti-kin or support factkin, please dont talk to me about it
  • im sparse with tagging stuff, but if you need something tagged let me know and ill do my best
jun 29 2017 ∞
jan 5 2019 +

you kin/id:

(friends) (unless theyre cool with doubles!)

any of my bolded kins

or will want to talk about the gamegrumps for any reason

other than that, its fair game

oct 27 2017 ∞
jan 5 2019 +
  • the only thing i need tagged is anything that has to do with the gamegrumps.
  • voltron is also blacklisted, but thats just because i got annoyed at everything
oct 6 2017 ∞
oct 10 2018 +