"Life’s a race that I am gonna win" survival, muse

"Sometimes I feel like giving up, no medicine is strong enough, but I just can't" in my blood, shawn mendes

"I'm willin' to die for this shit, I done cried for this shit, might take a life for this shit." element, kendrick lamar

"You will think you've seen me, you haven't seen nothing, I'm looking for something more than this" rocket, the wanted

"I'll do something epic and they won't forget it; good enough's not good enough for me" rocket, the wanted

"You won’t pull ahead, I’ll keep up the pace. and I’ll reveal my strength to the whole human race" survival, muse

"Power in my pride, power in my last name" ain't about the money, empire

"I won’t give in, because I choose to thrive" survival, muse

"Ain't about the money, it's about the power" ain't about the money

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/vɪkˈtɔːriə/ Victoria is the Latin word for 'victory' or 'conquer' and is used as the feminine form of victorious.


  • Being the winner in a contest, struggle, war, etc.
  • Of or expressing a sense of victory or triumph.
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