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my name's stella!

  • ♬ she/her
  • ♬ 22
  • ♬ Mexican American (white passing)
  • ♬ USA; california and new york. (ATM: in CA)
  • ♬ Tweet heavy; I retweet a lot; I share my opinions often (within reason, hopefully)
  • ♬ mentally disabled | physically disabled | chronically ill | mentally ill
  • ♬ please try reading some of this list and fandom bio list; fandom bio is kinda important but main bio is most important, and fandom bio is optional for already mutuals (all other lists are optional)
  • ♬ sorry but im a p paranoid person...thats mental illness for u...
  • ♬ i do like making new friends ... im just a little bird...

I lock/unlock and deactivate/reactivate a...

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jul 31 2016 +

my main twitter is sfw and is separate from my nsfw twitter (where I retweet in your face PDA and upward ratings of shipping), so for my nsfw twitter, you have to be 18+. If you don't have your age on your twitter bio (or at least say if you're legal age), then it's a no. Also we have to be mutuals on @stellurics first.




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  • ❤ main fandom: haikyuu!!
  • ❤ tons of rare pairs, huge multishipper
  • ❤ also multifandom
  • ❤ other fandoms: bnha, pokemon, fire emblem, hatoful, oofuri, starmyu, bravely default, enstars, more listed in main listography
  • ❤ favorite character: shirabu
  • ❤ otp: ushishira
  • ❤ favorite team: shiratorizawa
  • ❤ also oikage and ushioi shipper

please don't follow if you tweet these things a lot (or have this in display name/bio/username/etc):

  • calling any male char from hq a mom. if you still follow, I will probably softblock/block you. I tend to check and make sure you haven't done it recently if i want to follow back
  • dad jokes with hq chars, esp w daichi and...
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aug 2 2016 +

Sometimes I block strangers by accident since I mix up buttons. This has never happened to ppl I already follow

if i've softblocked you:

  • i'm sorry, but my mental illness is getting worse, and it involves a lot of paranoia. i think it's for the best that i cut things off with ppl that i don't think like me, if we've been fighting recently, if it seems like we're not friends anymore, or anything else that sparks my paranoia. i don't think i have the capacity atm to smooth things over by talking, so i've chosen to softblock to avoid the risk of more fighting. also, since i tend to misunderstand and catastrophize, i might think we're fighting/not friends anymore even if that's not true, so i'm sorry if it wasn't obvious that we were on the outs.
  • i usually softblock if ppl follow someone im incredibly uncomfortable with. i dont...
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aug 3 2016 +

Things to avoid with me, please (i just scroll by this):

  • family themes in general (like a char being called another character's child, one char is hc'd as related to another and it's not canonical relation) unless it's related to animals
  • unrequited love or angst
  • "pretty setter squad" stuff, also "captain/next gen captain squad"
  • "semi should've been the main setter/gone to [insert school] instead"; "semi is just punk suga" and other variations

I mute a lot of words, so if you mention these in tweets, I might not reply since I might not see it:

  • mentions of parents, children
  • anything to do with: horror movies/shows/anime, drinking, smoking, drugs, religion, star wars, star trek, big hero 6, homes...
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