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hey there!! i'm john! i'm just a really anxious and stressed boy that has no idea what he's doing with his life!!
literally just send me cat pictures-

sᴛᴀʀ ᴄᴀᴛᴄʜᴇʀ follows:

my tumblr has my main john timeline memories on it!


apr 10 2017 ∞
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hey! well- i go by primarily by john, but you can call me whatever you're comfortable with! i'm really open to either simply chatting or talking about memories, both are 110% cool with me, so feel free to absolutely whenever!

here are a few facts about me:

  • i'm 18.
  • i’m a guy. dick n all.
  • i’m rlly not in the best mental place rn.
  • i tend to get slower with my responses if the conversation is going nowhere.
  • i really, really, REALLY, REALLY love cats and ghosts and aliens and just- anything conspiracy and cat-y is 100% my shit!!
  • feel free to send me anything you find funny or cute or kin related! i really like to hear about what people enjoy!
  • i really love movies. nic cage is freaking amazing, yes, but i also really love co...
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jan 28 2018 +
  • please send me cat pictures/related stuff!!
  • send me cute art!
  • send me kin related art that makes you happy!
  • send me space stuff!!!
  • feel free to send me meme like stuff-!
  • this isn't really a password- but i'd love it if you'd send me a picture of the kinshift you're in!!
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i'm kinda iffy about doubles but that's only when i follow them. if you're a double, feel free to follow me!! just please don't be surprised if i end up not following you back.

1-10 comfort with doubles. 1=least


  • !!john egbert(8 timelines)0!!
  • !!izuku midoriya(7 timelines)0!!
  • !!castiel(2 timelines)0!!
  • craig mcfucker(4 timelines)0

Main Kins:

  • lucy heartfillia(2 timelines)1
  • harry potter(3 timelines)1
  • miraculous ladybug/marinette(1 timeline)1
  • dipper pines(3-4 timelines)0
  • pidge gunderson(2 timelines)0
  • morty smith(2? timelines)8


apr 10 2017 ∞
mar 10 2018 +

this is only who i've found!! feel free to message me about memories!! i am only listing my IDs and the kins i've found canonmate(s) for!


  • dave strider (1st,2nd,4th)
  • dirk strider (2nd)
  • karkat vantas (4th)
  • for john harley: karkat, eridan, terezi, sollux


  • draco (1st)


  • matt (1st)


  • shinsou (3rd)
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mar 10 2018 +