‣Name: irl I'm Jessica! I'm Sumire in-game. You can call me either, I don't really care lol

‣Nicknames: Jess & Jessie, Sumi

‣Age: 21

‣Gender: Female (She/Her)

‣Nationality: Canadian

‣Birthday: Feb 20th

I live in Vancouver, BC! I'm PST and I usually play anywhere from 5pm to 4am lmao I try to play Splatoon as much as I can, but I do have a full-time job so I can't play as much as I'd like :^(

△» is not a clan/competitive team lol !! We're just a group of close friends who enjoy playing and goofing around together ♡

♡ I love my boyfriend Ykai ♡

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jan 12 2018 +

In Splatoon 1 I was a Squiffer and Splash-O-Matic Main!!

In Splatoon 2, I often use a Splattershot, Splash-O-Matic or Squiffer.

I'm somehow S+ in Rainmaker and Splatzones. Clam Blitz is work in progress and I don't like Tower Control so I never play it lmao

I play with stick controls.....yes I know and I'm sorry.

When I'm not messing around with my friends in squid parties, I love playing League Battles and Salmon Run!!

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jan 12 2018 +

I love talking with new people, so don't be shy!! I mostly use Twitter, that's the best way to stay in touch. IF WE'RE MUTUALS PLS ASK AND I'LL HAPPILY ADD YOU!!


tumblr: fufujo.tumblr.com

Twitter: @sumiitoon

Private Twitter: (ask)

Discord: (ask)


PSN: sporkles

3DS: 1289-9403-1525

Switch FC: 3574-1991-8891

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