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"he loves that boy who lives to go around the world, therefore he tried to bring the world for him"

ㅡsoonyoung's moon

wonwoo follows:

it's been three months? well it feels like three years already. it's strange to see how close we are in such a short time. thank you for always be there when i needed someone to lean on, thank you for everything you've done for me, thank you for loving me back. those points above are probably just thirty out of infinite reasons why i love you, but it wouldn't entirely convey how much i love youㅡafterall words is just a tool to deliver the message. i hope there will be months coming, and months turning into years.

i love you, star prince.

ㅡfrom the moon who always looks at you

sep 5 2017 ∞
sep 5 2017 +

hi there, star prince. happy 4th monthsary, i hope you didn't get bored with my face.

this month has been really memorable for me. we did a lot of things together, making memories together. i get to see you closer and closer and i'm still intrigued by you. i still remember how you lighten up when i took you to the pet house, i still remember the laugh that slipped from your lips when you told me silly things that happened, i still remember your happy nods when you tasted the foods we can get our hands on (and i still can feel your hug lingers around me).

i hope you feel the same way as i am. i get falling deeper for you, and i think i always will.

once again, happy monthsary. this would be one from many months we'll spend together.

ㅡ from the moon who will always light u...

oct 5 2017 ∞
oct 5 2017 +

ps. do you know why i love cactus? it's because they symbolizes warmth and care, also anduring all things, no matter how painful or difficult it is. i wanted to be like them, giving you all the warmth you deserved and help you through all the pain and difficulties.

we can stay together for a long time, can't we?

oct 5 2017 ∞
oct 5 2017 +