• I've watched all of the anime adaptation and read Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean.
  • Currently reading Jojolion. Haven't touch Steel Ball Run yet.
  • My favorit jojo are Jotaro and Jonathan.
  • I LOVE KAKYOIN. And I always sad remembering his fate in Egypt. I often cry when listening to Goodbye Nostalgia orz
  • I love Kakyoin combi with Polnareff. Idk I always see them as annoying big bro and annoyed lil bro (?)
  • I love Kakyoin's and Jotaro's friendship too. I don't mind with (BL) jotakak tho, I just prefer them more as platonic. 生存院 AU with jotakak school life is my weakness
  • Basically I just love all of the crusaders being family
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Hi, I am kairi, 20↑ female. I am a demiromantic

I am between an ISFP or INFP, still not sure which one between it haha. Bloodtype is O!

I am ok with NL/BL/GL! But lately I am interested in platonic relationship mostly, so if I talk or tweet about 2 characters together it doesn't always mean that I ship them okay

I speak randomly between Indonesian, Javanese, English, and Japanese

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  • My favorite characters are Akai and Amuro (either individually or being shipped), and Kaitou Kid
  • I like all of the canon pairing except AkaiJodie (sorry). Also I don't really like CoAi
  • I kind of ship Kaito with Shinichi (not Conan)
  • I love Akai kyoudai and whisky trio
  • I kind of separating Shinichi and Conan, Akai and Okiya and Rye, Amuro and Bourbon and Furuya
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I only play mobage lately. Also I have random pace at playing, depending on the mood.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • JJBA Diamond Records
  • Dress Up Diary
  • Love Live SIF (kinda hiatus)
  • Fate Grand Order (kinda hiatus)
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I am multifandoms. I can stay in a fandom in a very long time or a short time.

Lately, I've been in:

  • JJBA (mostly Stardust Crusaders)
  • Detective Conan
  • Kamen Rider
  • Fire Emblem Heroes


  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Vocaloid
  • Love Live (mostly muse)
  • Fate series (mostly UBW and Prototype Fragments)
  • Ace Attorney
  • Professor Layton
  • Barakamon

there are more but I kind of forget ahaha

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