• hiya i'm tali!!!
  • i'm 19 (turning 20 in august!)
  • pronouns: she/her
  • i am, in fact... a lesbian
jun 20 2017 ∞
apr 24 2018 +
  • games: love live, bandori, dragon age, mass effect, overwatch, fire emblem, fallout 4, witcher, the arcana
  • characters: tomoe udagawa (bandori), ran mitake (bandori), kaoru seta (bandori), umi sonoda (love live), honoka kosaka (love live), julian devorak (the arcana)
  • music: reol, wolf parade, talking heads, LiSA
may 16 2018 ∞
may 16 2018 +
  • i thought i might use this space to put some less fandomy interests of mine. if you like any of the same things please let me know
  • cosplay!!!
  • i have four cats. their names are crna, socrates, sweetie, and zoey.
  • i love to write~ i've written a lot of fanfiction in my time *gazes forlornly off into the distance* but any sort of creative writing is mega up my alley. i've been working on a novella for the past year and am almost done with it! if you ask me about it i may fall in love w you.
  • i love 80's sketch comedy so much... fry & laurie and kids in the hall are my favorites.
  • i'm obsessed with ursula k leguin. the left hand of darkness is honestly the most wonderful story i've ever read.
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may 21 2018 +
  • first of all, hi!! i hope we can get to know each other soon
  • feel free to like or reply to as many posts as you want. i really like talking to people & having friendly discussions even if it's just... screaming over fictional girls
  • if i ever say or do anything that makes you uncomfortable feel free to say something privately. i'll never do or say anything to you with malicious intentions but obviously i'm just as capable of making mistakes as everybody else.
  • if you unfollow please softblock.
  • oh! if there's a post of yours (selfies, art, writing, etc.) that you'd like me to retweet or give some love feel free to send it my way via DM or tag me :-)
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