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❝Love means never having to say you are sorry.❞

hzt follows:


  • name: huang zitao
  • age: may 22, 1993 ( 23 )
  • from: qingdao, shandong, china
  • weight: 65 kg.
  • height: 173 cm.
  • languages: korean, chinese


  • major: music
  • hobbies: singing, dancing, basketball
  • sexuality: - - -
  • maritial status: - - -


  • likes :
    • Gucci, baozi.
  • dislikes :
    • loudness, interruption, haunted houses.
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tao /tries/ to give off a bad boy type of vibe, in which he does not succeed because it's not his style. after a while of talking to him, you may find out he's sweet and cute; squishy even. people call him panda for one of those reasons, too.

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Tao was a bad kid. That's all he was. Barely disciplined and barely listening to his superiors when asked to do something. He had trouble with focusing in school because of family problems he had and not to mention he just didn't care.

ㅡTeenage Life.

He was kicked out of his home at age sixteen. No one in family had wanted to keep him because of how juvenile he had become, from vandalizing houses to breaking and entering. "Screw you guys! I can live on my own!" He had been taken in by one of his highschool friends, little did he know that they reported back to his parents everyday. His friends parents soon had enough of his behavior and enrolled him in a wushu class; later becoming happy because it helped him in studies and mellow him out.

ㅡCurrent Life. Tao now is mastering the art of wushu and is a music major at Hyundai University. He mellowed out and is now a calm person...

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