• Hi, my name's Ella! I don't mind nicknames :)
  • I'm 18 years old! I don't mind interacting with anyone but if you're not comfortable with people 18+ interacting with you please let me know!
  • I live in New Zealand! I graduated public high school last year and I'm now doing homeschool education.
  • I'm pretty shy and not good at talking to mutuals, and sometimes friends too - I will try my best to respond if you contact me but if you message me via DM or otherwise I may be a bit slow as I'm nervous when it comes to those types of conversations!
  • That being said, I try to be friendly! I often like tweets to show support, especially if a mutual is not feeling the best.
  • I'm a less bien. girls.
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feb 5 2018 +

I enjoy...

  • NHL hockey
  • shakespeare
  • twin peaks
  • ahs
  • stephen king books
  • sailor moon
  • overwatch
  • dangan ronpa
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if we're mutuals you can ask for my snapchat and/or discord! my battletag is oceanman#11710

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feb 13 2018 +
  • My favourite hockey team is the LA Kings! I like a few other teams (MAINLY the Isles and Canucks) and the only teams I truly dislike are the Rangers and Ducks (I'll be respectful if you like them though!)
  • My favourite player is Tyler Toffoli!
  • I play Overwatch, too; I play lots of support and tank heroes :)
  • I love soda! It's my favourite type of beverage and I enjoy almost any flavour.
  • my favourite movie is no country for old men! i love disney too
  • i have a varied music taste! right now i've been listening to Queen, KISS and The Lovin' Spoonful!
  • my favourite members are John Deacon, Ace Frehley and Zal Yanovsky, respectively (:
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