• demon

• cat

• ferret

• virus

these are what I feel spiritually connected to (besides viruskin, it's hard to explain? i feel connected to viruses tho if tht makes any sense), please don't bash me for my otherkin!!

Once you've read everything send 'jake english is trans' to my dm or you won't be accepted.

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please tag

• animal death

• needles

• heavy gore/a lot of blood (doesn't go for fictional drawings)/irl gore

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My name is Jake/Parker, but I prefer Jake. It's complicated, I just can't decide on one name. You can call me my kin names tho!!! (It's appreciated). I spam a lot, I'll probably clog up ur feed ;0;.

I've been diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's), general anxiety disorder, depression, a panic disorder, and I've self diagnosed Bipolar Disorder because I'm too young to be fully diagnosed yet, but I'm being treated with stabilizers and it's safe to say I show all symptoms, even my therapist agrees. I also have OSDD-1b and have a pending diagnosis, I am certain I have it so please don't invalidate me. On that note my alters are Kenny McCormick from South Park, Chloe Price from Life is Strange, a man the age of 16 that has manifested in my head from what I've want to act and look like for years named charlie, and one alter who's unstable, who is the nogitsune that possessed stiles in teen wo...

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@shutuptord is my wonderful boyfriend!!!!! i lov him so fcucin much don't follow if u have a problem w him/are kin w Tord!!!!! or any of his kins tht he doesn't want doubles of


@maleksolh is my qpp !!! hes gay and an edgy boy I lov him, pls don't follow if u share any of his kins tht he has an X next to!!! his headmate is also dating one of my headmates

@actuallydavestrider is my other qpp!!! hes also gay and arises from the sewers to sing a song sometimes. pls don't follow if you share any kins he has that he's not ok w doubles for!


@prodigywitch is my moirail!!! we've been moirails for a rlly long time-- I think a year or over now? I love them!!! pls do...

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two alters of mine, kenny and chloe, front a lot and pretty easily. usually kenny is the one to front or front with me because he's the protector and I'm having a lot of hard times right now. he can be really insensitive and rude, but if you come off nice then I think he'll be ok. he might make insensitive jokes but nothing too bad. hes also hyper and impulsive.

chloe is carefree, rebellious, and impulsive. if you think she's posting abt doing something that might hurt us, then please dm her and explain it. i can't say that will stop her but it's worth a try!!

charlie is a soft spoken, usually happy but shy kid. he doesn't front often and he might not talk to a lot of people while he's fronting.

void is manipulative and only has hateful things to spew about me, please don't message me while he's fronting. usually I can stop him from hurting this body but I ...

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