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please tag

• animal death

• needles

• heavy gore/a lot of blood (doesn't go for fictional drawings)/irl gore

when u read this all hit my dms with a "jake english is trans" or u can't follow

jun 14 2017 ∞
sep 6 2017 +

ask abt my headmates and otherkin


(!! = important !!! = really important)

my special interests are

- the front bottoms

- watsky

- maxmoefoe (!!!)

- cats (!!)

- blue exorcist (!!)

- makeup (!!!)

- homestuck (!!)

- the cancer crew (!!)

maxmoefoe is my biggest special interest at the moment, please do not follow if you hate him or hate the cancer crew (idubbbz, maxmoefoe, tvfilthyfrank) his videos cheer me up a lot when i don't feel good. don't try to follow if you think you love him more than me or i'll piss on ur car!!


i try to tag most things tht will trigger...

jan 29 2017 ∞
sep 6 2017 +



@hnetais is my wonderful boyfriend!!!!! i lov him so fcucin much don't follow if u have a problem w him/are kin w Tord!!!!! or any of his kins tht he doesn't want doubles of


@maleksolh is my qpp !!! hes gay and an edgy boy I lov him, pls don't follow if u share any of his kins tht he has an X next to!!! his headmate is also dating one of my headmates

@dallysguts is my other qpp!!! hes also gay and arises from the sewers to sing a song sometimes. pls don't follow if you share any kins he has that he's not ok w doubles for!


@prodigywitch is my moirail!!! we've been moirails for a rlly long time-- I think a year or over now? I love them!!! pls do...

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