• guy in elevator at the georgian terrace who asked why i looked so tired, asked if i had a boyfriend and said it was a shame that i did because he thought i was cute and he would have liked to know me. he was an atl type, migos style, with grills and dreads. wearing a baltimore patterned shirt.
  • old rasta who told me i was "an amazin bike ryeda" and that i was his "favrit bike ryeda". as he drove by and gave me a huge smile and thumbs up.
  • "kurt" who saw me walking on my break, parked his car and approached me to introduce himself, let me know he wasn't trying to be "a creep" and that he wasn't trying to scare me but that he noticed me and thought i had an amazing vibe and that he just wanted to meet me.
  • guy who works for the contractor that gives out free phones to clients and distrib...
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