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Enstars, deresute, mirishita and msute have taken over my life fghjkl

ukiyo follows:

Feel free to add me if you're wanting to expand your friend list! (๑꒪▿꒪)* (I'm f2p for all my games)

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I'll never forgive myself for not realising I got a 5☆ (+ two 4☆) on my first roll back in aug '15 and continuing to play becAUSE I THOUGHT I GOT BAD CARDS

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  • Biases: Knights and Marine Biology Club (I don't know how this happened but they all happen to be in the same club..) & Natsume is growing on me fghjkl


I love the graphics, gameplay, music... the entire game, really fghjkl. WHEN WILL SAE & SHUUKO COME HOME (´;д;`)

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  • /dying over the hagoromo komachi event
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